Logo Design:Trials/Ideas

This blog is based on the types of logo websites that I found to get a better idea/understanding of the design that I'm looking for.

On the left is one of the websites that I have found which asks for a Company name and the category of your desired business.

This is one of the design that I have chosen from that website.

I want something simplistic but also shows what business I am running.

The business name ‘Vico Photographics’ is only an idea of what Im going to call my business but I like the sound of it.

I also tried the same logo but in a different suit of colours. All black makes it look more professional.

I'm not too sure on the red but I thought to include it to show my exploration of the logo idea.

The red does make the image stand out and could attract clients.

The blue logo below is another idea and exploring the colours is helping me decide what kind of design I want to go for.

After the deign logo, a page (on the same website) comes up showing a range of different business cards that go with the logo that you have created.

I took a screen shot of one of the pages that it provided for me and my business. I'm not really a fan of the designs that it came up with but I think its good to show that I am looking at a number of ideas.

This is another screenshot of the website with business card ideas. I don't like the way it has designed them but its good to look around.

This is another design logo that I have taken an interest in. It might look a bit cheap but i thought the actual design and font could possibly work for my business.

I also tried it with the logo image inbetween my company name and I think I prefer it this way. (It doesn’t look to bulky).

I screenshot a page of the business cards with the other logo, even though they are below average, I still prefer these over the previous ones .

This is a screenshot of another logo design website that I came across which gives a more professional look to your company name.

This is my favourite logo that i have come across it might need some tweaking but I like the overall design of it.

I tried putting the image logo on the left of the text and it looks good either way.

This might be my chosen logo.