For beginners: What it takes to be a freelance photographer

So you’ve got an eye for photos and a camera, and you want to start making some money for skills. It takes a while to develop your craft, and you shouldn’t expect to succeed overnight. However, there are of course a few sure-fire ways to get started in the right direction, and here’s just six:

  1. Gain confidence
  2. Know your camera
  3. Get social
  4. Invest in creative cloud
  5. Know your worth
  6. Lighting is everything

Most of all, let the success of others inspire you and not terrify you. Don’t compare yourself to other artists – there will always be someone with better equipment, more talent, more connections, etc. However, it’s wise to follow the advice of our old pal, Teddy Roosevelt:

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Develop your own style, and someday someone will be looking at your work for inspiration too.


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