Missguided almost went bust; they didn't give up easily

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Image of Missguided Campaign. Source: Missguided

In 1996, Nitin Passi founded the fashion brand Missguided— started what would become a billion-dollar business and they received a loss of £26M in 2018. Was it down to the saturation of fast fashion market or was it poor financial decisions that almost made their company go bust? Did he decide to do anything about it or just call it quits forever?

For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, Missguided is a UK-based multi-channel retailer selling clothes. Missguided was once valued at £700 Million (2017).

Missguided is based in Salford, Manchester (UK). It is the home of fashion giants…

#5 Always pass on what you have learned

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Image of Yoda, Star Wars. Source: Inverse.com

Heads up I am Star Wars Fan. I’ve seen every Star Wars film and I rewatched them on Disney plus as well. I love all the characters, but one of my all-time favorite characters has to be Master Yoda. I have grown to respect Yoda’s character and strength. Plus, he lived a humble life by training Jedis, fighting battles, and enlightens others with his life lessons.

Yoda was born in 896 BBY and showed finesse fighting skills. Despite that, he had passed his wisdom to enlighten Jedi’s on their spiritual journey and to help them become great warriors.

Yoda’s training…

Spotify’s valuation uprises Apple Itunes and Amazon Music valuations

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Image of Daniel EK, CEO of Spotify. Source: CNBC.

As we know, there are so many music streaming services out there in the world. Spotify has a 35% high share music streaming subscribers worldwide in 2019, by company, which is higher than Amazon, Youtube, and Apple shares- statistia data.

Before Spotify was in the picture, a company like Napster was a startup in the music-streaming industry. Napster was a P2P file-sharing internet software founded by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker. Despite, Napster’s vast recognition in Pop Culture and in Business, Napster had faced financial turmoil. Eventually, the company had declared bankruptcy.

Spotify has become a revolutionized game-changer in the…

Marketing for TV Shows is crucial

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Photo by Rafal Werczynski on Unsplash

Netflix revealed that more than 40.7 million global household accounts had watched the show during the weekend — Data from CNBC. Forbes, “Netflix has claimed the third season of Stranger Things was viewed by 64 million people in its first month of release on the streaming service”. Wow, that’s a lot of viewers and it had the popular buzz. Why did this show have hype and popularity? Here’s why:


For TV shows to become successful, the storyline has to be compelling, likable characters are a must, and great cast chemistry. Some of us may be familiar with the storyline of…

“You can’t be a writer if you can’t read”. Scratch That

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Photo by Daniela Holzer on Unsplash

No Writer is perfect, that's just simple. A lot of us become better writers, as time goes by. We all have different learning abilities; strengths and weaknesses, successes, and failures. No writer is alike, our minds are different but our purpose is the same. The purpose is to inspire, educate, and advise others with our words of wisdom and continue the writing cycle.

At 17, he worked his magic on creating an estate agency that is worth millions today

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Image of Akshay Ruparelia. Source: Business Today

In December 2015, Akshay Ruparelia — a 17-year-old student rejected his Oxford University offer to create his multi-million startup company Doorsteps. His story is worth reading and learning from.

After his estate agency became a success, Akshay Ruparelia was listed on the Sunday Times Rich List 2018. He has made TV appearances on ITV’s This Morning, and on a BBC News segment. Additionally, he is a motivational speaker that wants to inspire students and entrepreneurs.

Whilst he was still in school, he set up his online estate agency called Doorsteps. In 2 years, he has sold £400 Million worth of…

It’s okay to fall in love; don’t leave it too late

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Kal Ho Na Ho (2003). Preity Zinda, Shahrukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan. Source: Dharma Productions.

Many romance films include the typical boy and girl love story, the love-hate relationship, and the third wheel. The film set in the beautiful town of New York. Some romance films are set in New York, such as Maid in Manhattan, Sleepless in Seattle, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I could endlessly list the number of romcoms films that are set and filmed in New York City. What made this film different from the typical romance films? Is that it emphasizes the true meaning of life and love, and that’s there’s hope in this world. …

A 22-year old, fictional savant

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Brooke Davis (Portrayed by Sophia Bush) in One Tree Hill. Source: CW network

Many of you may have heard of the company Clothes Over Bros, you may have seen it on the tv show One Tree Hill. Brooke Davis was the head cheerleader of the ravens, she was the student body president and later became an entrepreneur of her company. She started all this when she was only 17 years old. Why did her startup company succeed?

Her Story

“I wasn’t always the rich girl you know, with the nice car and the expensive shoes and the fancy house with the pool.”

— Brooke Davis

Like every entrepreneur, they have an idea for a business…

Writing became a cure for me and here's why!

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Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

For most of my life, I have identified myself as a creative, extroverted, and outgoing person. My friends and family members find me both funny and interesting and sometimes they tend to have long conversations with me. There were days where I covered it up with a smile on my face; whilst I felt worried. I had sleepless nights, getting too emotional, and even felt lonely despite being an extroverted person. I was in the darkest places and writing became a cure for me.

Writing became a healthy routine

No high school qualifications; yet he became a successful entrepreneur

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Image of Alan Sugar. Source: BBC

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”- William Shakespeare.

What does this mean? Well, many entrepreneurs can “achieve greatness”; that they are “born to be great”.

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos had turned their potential ideas into practical results. That’s what has made them the successful people that they are today. Likewise, Alan Sugar also became a billionaire but how? We always ask those questions how do entrepreneurs become successful? They were so poor, how did they become suddenly rich? Are they doing things differently to us and what are they doing?


Savannah Kingston

Marketing & Content Writer | London Blogger | Believer in the 3 Principles for writing. Educating the globe through writing and self-improvement.

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