Improve Your Workday

1. Have a water bottle at your desk

Hydration is more important than you think. I start my day with coffee, but always have a water bottle on hand. Being hydrated will keep you more focused at work, help your skin, your digestive system, and you will not be eating a 3 pm snack out of hunger. Water helps you not mistake hunger for thirst. Water is not a very exciting drink, so sometimes I throw in a lemon for extra flavor. Water is heatlhy for you. Most of us don’t drink enough of it. Are you?

2. Take a movement break every 1/2–1 hour

I don’t like thinking about the long-term effects of sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day for 20 years. Honestly, it’s a terrible thought. We were not made just to sit all day, yet, this is what many jobs require of us. Even if it’s just quick stretch break or a walk to the break room, get your legs moving. You will feel more energized at the end of the day if you don’t sit still all day.

3. Do something nice for your co-workers

It’s amazing that we spend more time at work with co-workers than our family or friends during the week. Have you heard that you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with? An office or business with a negative culture is easy to spot. Have you ever gone into an office and just felt like nobody wanted to be there and people didn’t like one another? Sure you have. It’s not a wonderful experience. If you take the mentality that “ I’m not doing anything for you unless you do something for me”, you’ll never get anywhere for a positive company culture. Bring in some donuts, grab someone a coffee from Starbucks, volunteer to help with a project, buy someone lunch. These small acts go a long way and make a positive impact.

4. Clean your space before you go

This is an easy one. Make sure you clean your space before you go! It makes for a good mental space when you start the day. This one is totally in your control. A cluttered work space makes for a cluttered mind.

5. Plug into Spotify or a good youtube playlist

This is great for some jobs, terrible for some, and inappropriate for some. If you are an individual who works to a good beat, this helps pump up the work day. Make a customized playlist and switch it up so you don’t listen to the same 20 songs on repeat.

6. Don’t sit at your desk for lunch

If you can help it (I am guilty of doing this too often), try to get away from your desk, screen, or office for lunch. It’s healthy to take a mental break. You will be more productive after lunch. If you bring a lunch and have to eat in your office, try to dedicate 15–20 minute to walking outside. Throw a pair of walking shoes in a bag and put them on during lunch. This is a great mini-work out.