The return of autumn

There is a crisp freshness in the air but the sun is still warm enough to be felt on my exposed face — autumn is here and it is by far my favourite season. It is not too cold, not too hot; it’s not too dark too early but the burning red sunsets in the evening call for nights in with hot chocolate, cosy jumpers and fluffy socks.

Walking the dog over crunchy leaves makes me want to skip like a child again, and I love that it’s the season of shedding old leaves to make room for growth; it is the perfect metaphor for me.

Whether it’s a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks or a candy apple from the bakery, I allow myself sweet indulgence as I soak up the atmospheric dust of red glowing streets.

Everything is positively mystic and I sink into a deep autumnal reverie, only wistfully melancholic about the end of summer, whilst wondering what the next season will bring.

Even the rain seems friendly; it is mild, soft and pitiful, it doesn’t hammer down onto windowpanes, it almost invites you to take a walk in it, freshen up and taste the day.

It’s that time of year when British pubs serve freshly brewed mulled cider and hot spiced apple juice that warms the bones in you. The smell of homemade seasonal soup is in the air and stew is on the cards for dinner, comfort food at its finest.

September always marked the beginning of a new academic year for me. This is the first September in all the years I can remember when I have not had the start of school or university to structure my life and provide me with goals, deadlines and ambition. Still, the falling leaves and the not-knowing where I’m going or what comes next excites me more than anything.

The barely naked trees stand tall and show off their unyielding strength, preparing to face the toughest of days. The earth hardens, preparing for frost and icy mornings. Animals enjoy the harvest, feasting on acorns, nuts and berries to fatten up for the winter hibernation. Nature has a structure of its own and it is magical.

Autumnal colours are most empathetic to the eyes. Burgundy, golden, auburn and hazel swirls: an endless autumnal spectrum warms me and I think, I am happy in this moment here right now in this ever-changing world. I too, am changing.