There’s an imp on my shoulder. When it’s awake it criticises me all day long, saying things like “this idea will never work” or “so you think that’s a good colour choice?” Some days it may start lambasting me before any work has even begun. “Don’t bother making something so ridiculous,” it jabbers. The imp sits glued to my shoulder — I try to pull it off, but it’s very strong.

Whatever your creative discipline you’ll be familiar with a critical imp of some sort. Equally, you’ll be aware that the days it stays away are the most productive.


As a creative I’ve not always felt that having a design process alone was enough for creating great work. Without also have a “mindfulness” process I was only focused on the final result and missing out the pleasure of doing that had guided me towards this kind of life in the first place. That’s where flow comes in…

Since becoming freelance and therefore self-managed, techniques for the best ways to work have become ever more important to me. In the past I’ve often exerted myself by purposefully using stress and deadlines as a method for bashing out the goods. As…


Designer/Illustrator + INTP based in the UK

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