The Bridge to an Education

Everywhere that one could possibly go on this college campus was crowded. I was walking from the dorms on south campus from under a bridge.

I walked along the trail I saw a large glass building connected to other buildings through a magnificent looking sky bridge.

This building looked a lot newer than other buildings on campus. More specifically, the sky bridge in particular caught my eye.

The thought of walking over a bridge was always interesting to me — as long as it is stable that is.

Broken Glass

It seemed like the entirety of this building was glass and that sunlight is what provided the light in the building.

As I made my way through the glass doors, I went straight to the elevator to the highest floor — the fourth floor.

I stepped out of the elevator into a hall way that lead to the almighty sky bridge.

The Psychology of a Building

This area was filled with rays of sunlight, people studying, and a view of the appealing blue sky.

There were not many seats here but in the day, this place is always occupied.

This area went straight into the department of psychology. Why would that many people even think of going across this bridge if they were not psychology majors?

It was interesting to see so many people be at such an inconvenient place because there were not any desks or any outlets to charge phones or laptops.

But it was quiet. Everyone was diligently studying or surfing their social networks.

Why was this place so occupied though? Why did so many people like going here?

The reason could have possibly been the view.

Perspective is Key

I glanced to my left as I saw the stairs that go nowhere trapped in a sea of green. Along the edges, I saw pavement walkways being walked all over by crowds of people, going to and from class.

I thought it was a nice sight to see, especially since the day was very vibrant and it felt relaxing to see sun radiating off of the many glass windows that engulf the surroundings.

I noticed that there were many people lounging around outside, playing Ultimate Frisbee and having a good time.

It felt stress relieving to see others have a good time while enjoying the view simultaneously.

I feel that I could sit here for hours lounging around, enjoying the view and relaxing.


Day is the time where spaces are crowded, where people are out and about, where things are much more lively.

Night is a time where everyone is silent. Only two or three people would be in a space where fifteen people would have been.

It’s still quiet, relaxing, and soothing.

I found a getaway.

I could stay here all night.