Tyotus Mobile

First, I want to apologize for not updating Tyotus: The Run’s medium story for so long. I finished the main story line of the game (YAY), but I still need to work out kinks and polish it up. It probably won’t see a release in 2017 because of other goals.

But, because I realized this, I decided to make a Tyotus LIGHT version…a mobile game, just to maybe increase “hype” and have a nice resume builder. Plus, once it’s published, I can finally give myself the title “Game Developer” haha.

At the end of the story development for Tyotus, I decided that I wanted to release SOMETHING soon. So, I challenged myself to create a “Tyotus Mobile” within 3 weeks. It would have to be production quality, and actually fun. So, I did it! I pretty much just ripped one of the level designs from Tyotus the Run, and made it endless, with “boss” battles spattered throughout.


Scores (top right) are determined by how long you last without losing the 3 lives (top left under TYOTUS). After each boss battle, you regain your lives. You can jump (this is an old screenshot, but bottom right but bottom left in-game)and shoot (bottom left, but bottom right in-game). As you run, birds will be the main obstacles that you must either shoot or jump over, while platforms are procedural generated. In other words, everything is random!

I was really proud to complete this, although it looks very simple. If I had to count finding the resources (as if I didn’t use the level/art from Tyotus: The Run), I would say this was about 1 month of development. It was fun.

The only disappointing thing is the fact that I can’t put it on the App Store as well. I wanted to release it on both Google Play and there, but I don’t have a Mac (no Mac, no X-Code, no iOS Development). My next release will definitely be released on both platforms. It won’t be Tyotus: The Run, but it most likely will feature Tyotus…and maybe some characters from Tyotus: The Run.

This is just the beginning! Thanks for reading!