I don’t owe you a response.
Lauren Parker

Gary Johnson is a successful businessman who built a one-man handy-man business into one of the largest construction companies in his state, thus providing JOBS for THOUSANDS of people.

He then went on to become a successful re-elected governor who LOWERED taxes and STILL built new roads and schools.

When you become a successful entrepreneur and public servant that actually ran an efficient government without selling government favors like like Hillary Clinton did for Donald Trump– giving him tax loopholes so he could pay NO taxes– then you can judge the intellectual capacity of Governor Johnson.

You clearly have a reading comprehension problem, and do not understand words on a page.

I called you a thief because you are a self-proclaimed socialist who does not actually care about minorities, the poor, or the mentally ill, because if you did you would not support mass incarceration, the school to prison pipeline and wars in other countries to take their oil.

You clearly only care about what handouts the government can give to you, no matter that to do so means stealing from someone else or bombing a country. THAT IS WHAT MAKES YOU A THIEF. THAT IS SOCIALISM. Theft through authoratarianism.

If you want to succeed in life, get a real job from a real company and if you are not able to do so, blame YOUR skills NOT the more intelligent people that are payed for their work because they developed real skills.