While your passion and ideals are admirable, your awareness of politics seems naive.
Kelvin Lu

Hillary Clinton is absolutely corrupt. Google Marc Rich. Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, a black market oil trader whose business allowed human-rights abusing countries like apartheid South Africa to continue in power. This is not ok. Marc Rich donated a lot of money to Hillary and in exchange for that money, he got a presidential pardon. This is corrupt cronyism. This is the money in politics that harms honest people, honest businesses, hurts competition, the economy, consumers and most of all the poor. The Democrats are all about selling government favors for money. Google Solyndra. Look into why Democrats oppose school choice and tell me that the fact that the Teachers Unions are the 4th LARGEST of ALL DONORS and only really give to Democrats has nothing to do with their opposing competition that would help poor kids go to schools where they are not treated like criminals and sent DIRECTLY from school to prison, in what is knows as the school-to-prison pipeline.

I think you are the one who is naive.

Gary Johnson is the best candidate for president. He is the most honest person running, and the only one who understands how the economy works without the government interfering via special loopholes to political donors and special government fundings as in the case of Solyndra. Gary Johnson wants to drastically overhaul the tax code so that lobbyists and donors cannot get special favors in exchange for their donations to politicians.

Gary Johnson was a successful governor, re-elected in a blue state and managed to balance the budget AND build new schools. Hillary does not have any real executive success.

Moreover, Gary Johnson is a MODERATE liberterian. He DOES SUPPORT GOOD REGULATIONS, for example in order to protect the environment. He just wants to limit the size of government because it can be abused, limiting peoples freedoms as in the case of the unjust/immoral war on drugs that hurts the poor and vulnerable most. Gary Johnson wants to de-criminalize pot, which most people agree is reasonable, and he wants to limit the corrupt cronyism of the type that BOTH the Clintons and the Trumps practice.

Please go to the JohnsonWeld website and look at what they are actually proposing instead of propagating falsehoods.