Libertarianism is a ludicrous romantic ideal built on the narrative that all people in a country…
Lauren Parker

You are very mistaken about what Libertarianism is. The core principle of Libertarianism is the protection of human rights, the protection of the rights of the individual.

You’re misreading the idea about people being equal. Libertarinism PROTECTS the RIGHTS of everyone as equals, that is, everyone should have equal RIGHTS. This is very basic.

Libertarianism does not say we are inherently equal, that is, as you pointed out, not true in the real world. Some people are smarter, some more attractive, some luckier. Any government that tries to force equality is authoratarian, but that is that Socialism and Communism attempt to do through wealth distribution and by punishing people that rise above the rest.

It is Socialism/Communism that looks at income inequality as a moral issue that must be “fixed” by taking wealth from people they deem “too rich”. It is Socialism/Communism that wants to FORCE people to be “equal”.

Gary Johnson would end mass incarceration, which disproportionally hurts the poor, minorities and the mentally ill.

For people who suffer because of failing schools, again most likely to be poor and minority, Gary Johnson would be a savior, because he would allow funds to go to these kids so they can attend higher performing private schools.

If you don’t know about the school to prison pipeline, please look at it, and please vote for Gary Johnson, to be the voice for these kids that are being sent to prison from their schools while the Democrats take in the money from the Teachers Unions to oppose private schools: