Some of your points are accurate, and some are cheap shots you should be ashamed of.
William Carr

>>Multiple sources cite that Bernie Sanders is a Communist.

Sanders also adopted a Soviet sister city outside Moscow and honeymooned with his second wife in the USSR. He put up a Soviet flag in his office, shocking even the Birkenstock-wearing local liberals. At the time, the Evil Empire was on the march around the world, and threatening the US with nuclear annihilation.
In 1985 he visited Nicaragua to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the ascent to power of Daniel Ortega and his Marxist-Leninist Sandinista government. Sanders wrote an open letter to the people of Nicaragua attacking the Reagan administration, which he claimed was a puppet of corporate interests, for its anti-Communist activities.
Back in the 1980’s Sanders was outspoken in his support of communist dictator Fidel Castro as well as the Soviet-aligned Sandinista government in Nicaragua.

A person who praises Communism is a Communist, end of story. Note also that Bernie Sanders was giving AID and COMFORT to the ENEMY by doing this during the height of the COLD WAR with the USSR. By definition, Bernie Sanders is a TRAITOR.

>>This is the same man that wrote of being titillated by the rape of children:

“Do you know why the newspaper with the articles like ‘Girl 12 raped by 14 men’ sell so well? To what in us are they appealing?”

The article does not state that Bernie Sanders is a pedophile. It simply re-states a line from his writings that reveals his titillation RE: rape of children. Sane people: mothers, fathers, grandparents who are not sick in the head are HORRIFIED at such headlines, they do not find them APPEALING. This line that HE wrote is actually very revaling about the character of Bernie Sanders. It would NEVER occur to sane, mentally healthy people that such headlines are “APPEALING”. Why do you think HE thinks the are? He is revealing himself. Compounded with the fact that he VOTED AGAINST the Amber Alert system, precisely to protect pedophiles, is STRIKING.

>>Scientists, researchers, writing academic papers IN 1988 wrote that Bernie Sanders deal to send nuclear waste to poor minority areas constituted ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM

That the State of Texas had sought from the outset to find a community in which English is a second language is not even a matter of speculation; it was the advice given by two Texas A&M professors in their state-commissioned public opinion study in 1984, at the beginning of the state’s search for a likely site. The general public everywhere is going to oppose this dump, they found, and the more that people feel they know about the project, the higher their level of opposition is likely to be. “A preferred methodology may be to develop public information campaigns targeted at special populations. One population that might benefit from such a campaign is Hispanics, particularly those with little formal education and low incomes. This group is the least informed of all segments of the population. The Authority should be aware, however, that increasing the level of knowledge of Hispanics may simply increase opposition to the site, inasmuch as we have discovered a strong relationship in the total sample between increased perceived knowledge and increased opposition.”
On May 11th, about a dozen activists met with Sanders at his office. The delegation included two University of Vermont students who had just completed a thorough analysis of the scientific arguments in support of the Texas dump; they found numerous unanswered questions and more than a few outright falsehoods in the proponents’ arguments. Several participants in the meeting were astonished by the “independent” congressman’s vehement and unrelenting support for shipping nuclear waste 2400 miles to West Texas. It was the best site geologically, he claimed, much better than having nuclear waste scattered across the country, and besides, how dare we accuse Bernie Sanders of environmental racism? The August meeting with the Texas delegation featured Sanders at his most obstinate, insisting that he’d done the right thing and that he was no longer interested in the issue now that the compact bill had passed the House.

Let me ask you this, if the nuclear waste was so low level, why not just dump it in Vermont? Why ship it to a poor community? Not In My Back Yard but ok to dump on the poor and uneducated is PROGRESSIVE? Bernie Sanders is a clear racist and hypocrite! And the Sanders financially profited from this deal. That is the very definition of corruption!!