If “Boys Will Be Boys” Why Don’t We Kill Boys?
Lauren Parker

Sexism is wrong, but so is corruption. Hillary Clinton is a bought politician who does the bidding of her biggest donor. Vote FOR Gary Johnson!

Please do not ignore history and reality. Even Jimmy Carter spoke out against the selling of government favors for money that is the entirety of the Clintons’ careers:

Gary Johnson would end the tax code that allows political donors like Donald Trump to pay no taxes because he donated to Hillary Clinton:

Gary Johnson is an honest politician, who lowered taxes and built new roads and schools as governonr. And he is the only candidate with solutions to help the poor and vulnerable in society: ending mass incarceration, the school to prison pipeline and Neo Con wars in foreign countries.

Gary Johnson only needs 35% of the votes in a 3 person race. Please vote for honesty and integrity. Do not vote for someone that more than half the country hates and distrusts.

Hillary Clinton will help to tear the United States apart, but a moderate like Gary Johnson can help the country heal.