Why I vote “no” on (almost) all California ballot propositions, even if I agree with them
Michael Levinson

The best Democracy is one where the people are heard. That is what the ballot measures do, and why we need to elect Gary Johnson president!

Neither the Republicans or the Democrats nominated their candidates in an democratic way. Bernie Sanders was sabotaged from the beginning, and Never Trump Republicans were pushed out and silenced:

Only 9% of the US electorate voted to have Trump and Clinton as the nominees, but the two parties conspired to keep Gary Johnson out from the debates; the only 3rd party candidate on the ballot in all 50 states:

Gary Johnson is also the only candidate offering solutions to help the poor in vulnerable in society: ending mass incarceration, ending the school to prison pipeline, ending Neo Con wars for oil in other countries.

It is the tax code that allows political donors like Trump to pay NO taxes after donating to bought politicians like Clinton.

Gary Johnson only needs 35% of the votes in a 3 person race to win the election. If Trump gets 33%, Johnson 35%, Clinton cannot get more than 32% and we END the two party tyranny.