Yom Kippur Haftorah: Black Lives Matter
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

The best way to help the poor & vulnerable is to vote FOR Gary Johnson to END mass incarceration & the school to prison pipeline NOW!

If you don’t know that the United States puts THE MOST people in prison and that the Teachers Unions are the 4th largest political donors and only donate to Democrats in order to PREVENT private school competition, then you are not a real progressive or a liberal.

Only Gary Johnson has solutions to end the unjust war on drugs, by decriminalizing drug addiction and to end the horrible school to prison pipeline by allowing kids in FAILING schools, where they are treated like criminals, to go to higher achieving private schools.

Please be the voice of the poor & vulnerable in our society, often minority & mentally ill, who are IGNORED by politicians & made to suffer MOST by bad policies. VOTE FOR GARY JOHNSON. Only 35% of the votes gets him elected in a 4 person race!!