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Trump got these tax breaks because he donated money to politicians like Hillary Clinton. We need to end money in politics. Vote FOR Gary Johnson!

Please try to understand that it is the tax code itself, the complitated thousand page book that IS HOW pay to play corruption- the rigged economy- works.

Gary Johnson would implement real tax reform to END exactly this kind of rigging of the economy:

The whole of Hillary Clinton’s career has been selling government favors to the highest bidder, often immoral cronies like Marc Rich AND DONALD TRUMP!

Please vote for honesty and transparency in government. Vote FOR Gary Johnson, who LOWERED taxes and still built new roads and schools.

This paying off politicians for special tax loopholes hurts the economy, competition, consumers and the poor. We can get rid of it and have small efficient government.

Gary Johnson only needs 35% of the votes in a 3 person race.