I’m a socialist.
Lauren Parker

Why are you a socialist? Why can’t you see that no socialist country has ever succeeded in getting people out of poverty? The European countries Bernie Sanders touted are NOT socialist:

Socialism/Communism is what you have in Venezuala and Cuba, where people are dying from lack of food.

Talk about believing in fantasy.

The only thing that has ever allowed people to climb out of poverty is a good paying job, which have always been created by private companies, corporations, industry.

The government at best takes money from those that are successful and spreads it around, actually helping very few people and hurting the one source of employment for most people.

Libertarinism is about protecting individual freedom. Notice how your reaction to free speech is to block it. THAT is not freedom. THAT is not American. It is pure authoritarianism, which is the core of socialism/communist.

If you cared about people as individuals, you would want to END the police state, END government-controlled mass incarceration, END the wars for oil that kill innocent children.

But what you really care about is getting more “free” stuff by installing an authoritarian regime that will steal from the “rich” and give it to you. You are nothing but a thief.