Best Blog Sites — Try your free hand

In this era of the connected world, the bloggers sit on the front row, no matter whatever the occasion is such as a fashion week. It won’t be a surprise that more women now wish to start their own blog. To become a successful blogger and actually earning a significant amount of money, it’s easier for women to write about shoes and dresses. But when it comes to the technical aspect, it’s a serious business. And you have to make a start somewhere. To help you find out how to create a blog for free, we have compiled a list of top best blog sites just for you.

With the option of starting a blog for free, this platform provides you some of the most stunning themes. You can then upgrade to its premium package and also get your own domain name.

Considered to be among the best platforms, Blogger is back by none other than Google. This makes it reliable and trustworthy platform. With it’s superbly easy to use the feature, you can build your website, step by step. It comes with numerous customization options, and you can also buy numerous templates outside the website too.

Founded back in 2012, this platform provides you the ability to create a distinct and unique story- telling feel to your blog.

When it comes to extensive versatility, Penzu is among the best platform. There are three distinct types of journals where you can start once you sign up for the site. Daily Diary, Expressive Journal and Travel Journal are these different types.

Among the most creative blog platform, this is noteworthy modern and professional one. It’s the relatively expensive option, but it delivers the best output. It is also considered perfectly suitable for photographers, bloggers, business owners and a lot more professionals. It comes with a plethora of templates that make your blog appear professional and well-polished. It comes with a 14-day free trial, and if it fulfills your requirement, then you can upgrade to $8-$24 per month subscriptions as per your convenience.

This is one of the most modern and intuitive platforms which also make you feel like working on a doodle pad.

When it comes to visuals, Tumblr is considered among the nest. When it comes to Images, music, videos, it’s damn easy to display your own Tumblr profile. There are great creative ways you can showcase them. Your audience can also “reblog” your posts which in term brings more followers and a great fanbase.

This is one of the free platforms that provides you to create blogs with professional aesthetics and environment for your audience. You can even drag and drop many elements from around your site to create a completely customized page. In case you wish to sell a product, this site comes with an e-commerce feature.

With a huge number of unique themes with refined tough of modernity, you can start your blog which looks fresh and lively. It also provides e-commerce related features, an iPhone app for posting on your blog while on the go. You can easily link your blog to various social media sites.

Wix comes with awesomely unique and professional-appearing templates that can easily be restructured and customized to keep your blog different with its great features. You can also add various apps along with an online store and other links to various social media accounts.

Touted as one of the most popular platforms, it is a super-flexible and easy to use whether you are a photography related blogger who wished to present their portfolio. You can also upgrade your plan and fetch your own domain name.

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