Amazing news: savedroid accepts many coins and tokens for their ICO — not only Bitcoin and Ethereum

Shortly before the end of their ICO, the Frankfurt Fintech savedroid announces a great surprise. The company announced today effective immediately that it is now the first ICO worldwide to accept not just the standard cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as payment for their SVD token — but also a wide variety of coins and tokens.

Normally companies that do an ICO accept the standard cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, alongside Fiat-currencies as a means of payment for their own tokens. savedroid is the first ICO to take a huge step further. savedroid allows participants of their ICO to pay with 56 other cryptocurrencies in total. These include well known tokens, like Stellar, EOS, Tron and Tether — but also smaller and less well known cryptocurrencies, like, for example, Civic and Storj.

savedroid founder and CEO Dr. Yassin Hankir sees this innovative step as the logical continuation of their business model: “For us, this was an obvious decision, because savedroid actively wants to contribute to crypto inclusion. With the new ability to be able to take advantage of more than 50 other cryptocurrencies to purchase the savedroid token, we create a unique use case in the crypto community. We are already making a valuable contribution to the easier use of cryptocurrencies today.”

Hankir wants to especially highlight the Stellar token Lumen (XLM): “We are convinced that the Stellar Network and XLM have huge potential. That’s why we will offer Lumen beside Bitcoin and Ethereum as one of the first three cryptocurrencies in our new crypto-saving app.”

Payment with these cryptocurrencies is possible starting from a purchase amount of 100,000 SVD (1,000 Euro). This is due to the higher administrative overhead associated with this type of payment. Anybody who wants to take advantage of this unique opportunity should hurry. The savedroid ICO is running only until March 9th at 3PM German time. Read more at and in the savedroid Telegram group.

Below is the complete list of the accepted cryptocurrencies:

Fintech rocking the world of crypto savings.

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