Crypto App debuts in a brand new style!

As already stated in the title, our Crypto App comes with a new and refreshed design. More mature style but still playful. Our idea was to create a product, that will look like completely taken out of the digital world. Within the App everything revolves around Crypto, and so should be the design — we thought.

We decided to take this time a more technical approach, because it simply reflects the crypto world, which is full of long unintelligible codes, unexamined spaces, filled with unpredictable and inscrutable. This observation is driven by our Creative Director — Florian Schreiber.

The design of the app is inspired by the universe of IT development with its bright colours and dark backgrounds. The illustration style with the low poly look got inspired be the renderings of the gaming industry, but of course, the polygons also refer to the visual language of blockchain technology.

Computer programming characterises in its look by black screen with lines of colourful codes. That idea Florian wanted to transfer to the Crypto App because Crypto world is inseparably connected with IT. Yet, we still wanted to keep the kind of design that provides friendly, pleasurable and stylish visual comfort. Hence, the fond has round and smooth edges, which balances the technical look out.

Inside the App we will also find a compact droid. He was design to create an impression of the one who’s protecting our assets. Little eyes are simulating the emotions that we as humans experience. The idea behind this was that the droid through his eyes is communicating with you and to some extend also expressing his personality. In our interpersonal relations we communicate in many ways, and surprisingly only 7% of the total are words, where 55% is body language, therein also eyes. We though that this small feature should be something entertaining but not disturbing, thus — eyes.

When it comes to wishes, we have now one item representing each category. We would like to take a chance on a more simplified look, because it reflects our main policy — to make saving as easy as possible. At the end of the day, things that are simple, clear, transparent and uncomplicated seem to us more appealing. This not only the conclusion we have drawn from studying UX, but also from simply observing how the reality around us works. There is a specific reason why Ikea, therefore, the Swedish style is being widely liked, regardless of personal preferences.

Here’s a little preview of some of the wishes that will be available soon in the Crypto App:

The App soon will be launched officially all over the world. This time we are going a step further, trying to get not only Millennials hooked, but also technical enthusiast. We are, of course as always, open for suggestions. Hence, we do usability tests as often as possible, and we also organize them.

It’s not a coincidence that we are mentioning it now. Tomorrow — Wednesday, 21st of October, we hold next Meetup Event! Feel free to join to spend some time with us. We are looking forward to get to know our users and receive their feedback face-to-face.

All in all, we have a new design because the product is new. Layout is inextricably connected with the purpose of the Crypto App and its’ functionality. From now on, you can fully enter the Crypto world with just a few clicks!

Get the real feeling of being a cryptocurrency trader!

Let us know what you think about the project itself. Your honest opinion is important for us!

savedroid’s Team



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