HODL AIRDROP: Buy & hold your SVD tokens and be rewarded!

Today, we have exciting news for you: savedroid will reward you for holding onto your SVD tokens! We have created a mega attractive HODL Airdrop program which will regularly reward every SVD HODLer once the SVD price increases over the original ICO price of 0.01 Euro per SVD. The idea is simple: we want to create a win-win for our SVD community and savedroid. The higher the SVD price the more rewards for every SVD HODLer. Sounds good, right?! Then listen up how you can participate …


1. Buy and hold SVD tokens
You may hold your SVDs on any private wallet which supports signed message, e.g., such as MyEtherWallet (MEW), Nano Ledger, Trezor etc. or on the savedroid wallet to qualify for the program.
2. Receive Airdrops every time the SVD price increases by 1% starting from 0.0101 Euro
Starting from the original ICO price of 0.01 Euro per SVD all HODLers will receive an Airdrop every time the SVD price increases by 1%, i.e. the first Airdrop will happen at an SVD price of 0.0101 Euro and so on based on a high watermark logic. For every trading day starting from August 10th 2018 we have reserved an Airdrop budget of 1,000 Euro in SVD tokens. And it gets even better: For every day without an Airdrop we will keep adding up 1,000 Euro. In this case the Airdrop volume grows constantly until the next relevant SVD price threshold is reached. The HODL Airdrop will be spilt in 2 buckets. The first 75% will be distributed on a stake logic. Hereby, 1 SVD held for 24 hours will be awarded 1 stake and you must hold these SVD tokens when the Airdrop event occurs. So, the more and the longer you HODL, the more Airdrop you will receive. The remaining 25% will be distributed through a lucky draw. In this case, every SVD holder will receive 1 lottery ticket for every SVD he held for 24 hours and you must hold these SVD tokens when the Airdrop event occurs. The counting of holding days starts from March 10th, 2018 or whenever you bought your SVD thereafter. So, the ICO participants have highest chances to win the pot. But only if they HODL — the moment SVD tokens are sold one immediately foregoes all lottery tickets for past SVD holding periods.
3. Spread the word about the SVD HODL Airdrop
Help us to inform the crypto community about this exciting program and make SVD known as a quality token by sharing this blog across your networks.

So, let’s go. But hold your excitement for just 2 more minutes and continue reading to understand the savedroid HODL Airdrop program in more detail …


We will celebrate all SVD HODLers by giving free SVD tokens if the SVD price increases and reaches at least 0.0101 Euro within the first 24 hours. As highlight of our celebration, we will distribute 1,000 Euro worth of SVDs to all lucky SVD HODLers.

But wait! This is not all. If the SVD price does not reach 0.0101 Euro on the first day but only a few days later, we will still celebrate. And this time we will celebrate even much bigger. We will give even much more free SVDs to all SVD HODLers. The amount of free SVDs will increase proportionally to the number of days we need to wait for the celebration. For example, if we need to wait 10 days for the SVD price to reach 0.0101 Euro, we will give 10 times as much free SVD, that is 10,000 Euro worth of free SVD tokens. Yes, you have read correctly: 10 days make 10 times 1,000 Euro, so 10,000 Euro of free SVD HODL Airdrop tokens! We will give away a small fortune. Isn’t that a great reason to HODL your SVDs?

But this is still not all. Keep reading. This first Airdrop will only be the very beginning. We will regularly make such HODL Airdrops to celebrate even higher SVD prices. For every further 1% increase of the SVD price from 0.0101 Euro onwards we will apply exactly the same HODL Airdrop rules and give away even more free SVDs. Again and again for every 1% step that the SVD price increases! And again, the longer the wait to reach the next HODL Airdrop threshold, the bigger the amount of money in SVDs that will be distributed to all SVD HODLers — 1,000 Euro for each and every day of waiting to reach the new SVD price threshold. Yaaay!

👉 HODL your SVDs and enjoy Airdrops!

PLEASE NOTE: Free SVD HODL Airdrop tokens will be consistently distributed 75% based on a stake logic and 25% based on a lucky draw as described above. SVD distribution will take place in the savedroid crypto saving app shortly after an Airdrop has been triggered. So, you will receive your free SVD reward really fast. SVD holders who use unfair methods such as multiple or fake accounts etc. will be excluded from the HODL Airdrop program and will not receive any SVD rewards. savedroid reserves the right to change the HODL Airdrop program rules and terms.

Why savedroid? Let us inspire you by the savedroid story — The story of a token that democratizes cryptocurrencies to finally bring crypto to the masses …


· savedroid brings cryptocurrencies to the masses
· savedroid has a live product with real and happy users
· savedroid is an award-winning AI-FinTech made in Germany
· savedroid offers a utility token with built-in deflation
· savedroid is backed by a strong team, advisors, and investors

In short, savedroid is the first German ICO with more than 35,000 backers driving crypto inclusion. Join the savedroid community now and make the crypto world accessible for the masses. Give power to the people!

Our Vision is “Cryptocurrencies for everyone!”. savedroid democratizes cryptocurrencies: savedroid creates a unique AI-fueled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for the masses. Users profit from easy access to smart Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Dash, Stellar etc. savings plans, and superior crypto investment opportunities, such as portfolios, futures, and ICOs, without any technological adoption barriers. savedroid leverages its existing core assets of self-learning AI technology and great User Experience, based on maximum simplification and emotional gamification, to deliver this exceptional value proposition.

So, what’s in it for you? savedroid is the smartest, most convenient, and safest way for your crypto savings to fulfil your smaller and bigger wishes. We provide easy access to cryptocurrencies for everyone — absolutely no crypto exchange signup, wallet setup, and private key handling required. Secure your exclusive ticket to join the crypto saving revolution: Sign up at https://www.savedroid.com now!


savedroid — Cryptocurrencies for Everyone! Join the Revolution now: https://www.savedroid.com