Building the SaveNode team — New Dev to join SNO!

It's no secret we've had our fair share of ups and downs in the SaveNode journey, and we mentioned our difficulty in finding the right development partners to help us deliver everything with the SaveNode app.

While we've been pushing on with the base core element of the app, which is the multi-currency wallet (something we'd have hoped to have out already, but integration of the SNO chain to the barebones of the BRD code wasn't and isn't a simple task at all. We're plugging away as I type!), I have been out trying to bring in some more people to support us in our development.

If you've ever tried recruiting at the best of times, you'll know it's not a quick thing, and especially in this space, where you're trying to find someone who gets what SaveNode specifically does, and aims to do!

Fortunately, the SaveNode community is amazing. Honestly, we have a great bunch of people who really do what they can to help. This is where we met Andy. Andy reached out to me when I did my call to arms trying to advertise the job description on our discord. With over 10yrs experience in web development, through a large array of languages, Andy has a really solid background in coding. Not only this, he's clearly into his crypto, which means he understands the problem SaveNode is out to fix, and what the end goal is.

We're really happy to onboard Andy to the inner sanctums of the SaveNode HQ and we're looking forward to building on from this and getting some real progress knocked out. Please join us in welcoming Andy to the team, if you have any questions jump into discord and ask away!

We're still looking for another couple of people to join us, if you would like to join the SaveNode journey and develop some amazing things, check out the job description here and don't be alarmed if you don't fit it all, it's our kitchen sink list! Drop us an email if you're interested!

Lastly, stay tuned for the next post, we're building out our MasterNode index fund and will be looking for partners and suggestions. Form incoming soon…