Progress is progress — The SaveNode Multi Currency Crypto Wallet

As we mentioned last week in our update, sometimes the long road is the best route to take, as it's the right way. This is what we have gone with every time, while we want to deliver, delivering the true project is most important.

With that, Vishal has been working on the wallet and we're getting there… is it done? Well, no. We're still working on the core of the wallet and we need to do some more work to it before we can push it to the app store for use, but we're making headway!

We wanted to share this with you, in our efforts to communicate all of the goings on within SaveNode.

We appreciate everyone who has been along for the ride so far and the guys who are sticking in for the long haul. We truly thank you for your part in our community, you help us push on in tough times and keep us going come rain or shine.

As soon as we can get this part of the project done, we'll get it out to you guys. In the meantime, I'm still looking at people who have shown an interest in the job at SaveNode, so anyone still keen in this job then please do get in touch!

Have a great week guys!