When you pave new ways, there are no shortcuts

When you work in IT, or tech in most senses for that matter, you will always try and find someone who has done something similar to what you're trying to achieve to make your life easier. I'm not talking whole applications, but it could be libraries, contracts, APIs, etc etc. Why would you want to reinvent the wheel every time? You wouldn't.

Yet, when you are doing something differently, paving those new ways… it turns out that sort of stuff isn't really possible to utilize the work already been done in the space. This means everything you want to do is a build your own!

We took the BRD wallet as it's a nice ERC20, with a decent set of controllers and also stores BTC. Bonus. However, as we dug more into this, the more we realised getting it to work with SNO is going to be ripping out its still beating heart and implanting the arc reactor from SaveNode (Iron Man reference, come on… work with me here!) to create the awesomeness that is the fully multi crypto wallet.

Building on my Iron Man reference, we saw Tony Stark knock together his arc reactor in a cave, in little more than a montage. We don't have the beauty of a montage as yet, although I'm hoping when it's finished, we can montage it and make it look really easy, when really it was a bit of a battle.

Do it once, do it right.

We discussed a number of options when we found it was going to be a bit of a mission on the full multi currency side of things; first was making just a SNO wallet, and building in the rest later. Yet, this isn't solving the problem, it's just delaying it and creating another.

While we wanted to over deliver on things, we have reached the point where we know it needs to be done as we've outlined, in the right way, and done properly. So, sleeves are rolled up and we're getting it done. Vishal is currently working through the inner depths of the code and we're very close to showing you it, the workings of making it function with SNO is still being weaved into the rest of the wallet.

I wanted to take the time to update everyone, I am always happy to answer questions, or listen to our community if they have comments or suggestions.

Thanks everyone,