Let’s be honest the state of our natural resources in this country is a little wanting. Whether its plastic pollution , soil erosion, human conflict and encroachment or bad waste management our natural resources are suffering from it. To sum up bad human activities is the leading contribution in what is damaging our natural resources. In this piece I would like to highlight the things we can do to protect our natural resources and what bad habits we really need to get rid of.

picture showing some of the natural resources we have


In order to truly understand what needs to be done to conserve our resources we need to know what the problems are and what the state of the damage is. We need to look critically at how we can reduce the effects of the activities that hurt our resources. Our rivers, oceans and lakes biggest problem is plastic pollution, plastic which end up in our water resources kill our marine life as they trap themselves in them thus reducing their numbers and to make matters worse people also throw other kinds of trash and chemicals into them which also affect sea life. Over fishing is also an activity we should get rid of as it reduces breeding population and some marine species can go extict.

picture of pollution in river in Kenya

Our forests and wildlife have one thing in common they both affected by high human population. There is a rise in deforestation, human-wildlife conflict as people either go live near forests, national parks or territories which also leads to poaching for their horns in some circumstances . Agriculture takes a big hit from soil erosion as it makes the soil less fertile thus less food production, this may occur from the loss of the topsoil which occurs from things like heavy rain . Air pollution through the release of carbon monoxide from cars and burning of trash and things like firewood which affects not only the ozone layer but gives humans respiratory diseases.

picture of air pollution coming from our factories
air pollution from cars


We need to focus on restoration projects for our natural resources and educating people on the laws that protect them so as to have more cautious people, Law enforcement groups should do a better job in both teaching the people the uses of natural resources and also enforcing the law that protect them to the fullest . People should learn to choose sustainable products while shopping and buy less plastic, use long-lasting bulbs and always conserve water,bike more and drive less to reduce air pollution and always be cautious of how your actions affect your surroundings.


Natural resources are importance cannot be measured, think about it one of the reasons earth is the only habitable planet for humans is because of the resources it provides from air, minerals, marine life etc. helps in human survival. They also boost the economy of the country through trade by export and import and job creation for people. One characteristic about natural resources is that they are non-renewable which make them precious as once it’s gone its gone which is why they should be protected always.

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This is blog with a mission to shead light on the issues on climate change and environmental news.

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Save the earth

This is blog with a mission to shead light on the issues on climate change and environmental news.