100 Pennies = 1 Penny

Adding some value to the penny.

Can you still buy penny candy today? Maybe in a small-town. If you are fortunate enough to speak to your grandparents about money maybe you will hear stories about “When I was your age, a shiny penny could buy….” and like me you will be amazed. Your mind will be blown away for a moment.

So now what do we do with the penny? Well, save it. Use our penny bank to put your pennies together. Our SaveUp Penny Bank saves 100 pennies, $1.00 Be a smart saver. Don’t throw away your pennies, that’s not smart isn’t it?

I know its seem like the Penny has no value but it does. Are you seeing all the hate against the penny. Poor thing.

There is a penny debate. Look at what some people are saying:

  • “Its time to kill the penny” — murderer
  • They’re Useless
  • They Waste Time
  • They Cost the Goverment Money

Well haters the penny has swag. Just ask Lincoln. If he were here today he would say:

  • Americans like them
  • Charities rely on them
  • They keep price low
  • Lets go to the 99¢ store
  • I love this picture they have on the front :}

Be Nice America.

SaveUp Penny Bank bank holds pennies — up to 100. It’s wood engraved, wall mountable, beautifully designed, a collectible, made in the U.S.A.

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