80 Quarters Plus 20 Athletes Equals One Cool Savings Bank.

Black History Men $20 Savings Bank

Check the math… it’s right.

Achieving your savings goals takes determination, dedication and discipline. You’ve got to visualize yourself at the finish line when it is no where in sight. No one knows these principles better than a professional athlete. Professional athletes push past fatigue and frustration just like successful savers. So we decided to honor 20 professional athletes in our first specialty bank, The Black History Twenty Bank Vol. 1.

Before they were professionals, these athletes were just men with talent, dreams and aspirations. They were as obscure to the world as one single Quarter may seem in relation to your savings goals. But through continuous effort, they built on their talent and began to shine so bright that the world had to take notice. And when you refuse to let go of your savings goals, one Quarter can be the beginning to overflowing savings. The Black History Twenty Bank Vol. 1, features 20 African American male athletes and is the first in a series. These men excelled in their sport breaking records, breaking down racial barriers and making history.

A bank celebrating 20 African American women (Vol. 2) in sports is also in production and will be revealed shortly. The Black History Twenty Bank Vol. 1 functions just like our premiere Twenty Bank. It holds 80 quarters for a total savings of $20.00. We hope these athletes who faced great opposition, will inspire many more to reach for their goals in life

Black History Savings Bank. Lets Tribute our Guys.

  • HANK AARON (1934 — present)
  • ARTHUR ROBERT ASHE, JR. (1943–93)
  • GEORGE BRANHAM (1962 — present)
  • BOBO BRAZIL (1923–98)
  • MARLIN BRISCOE (1945 — present)
  • JIM BROWN (1936 — present)
  • JOHN CARLOS (1945 — present)
  • ANSON CARTER (1974 — present)
  • ERNIE DAVIS (1939–63)
  • BOB GIBSON (1935 — present)
  • JACK JOHNSON (1878–1946)
  • MAGIC JOHNSON (1959 — present)
  • MICHAEL JORDAN (1963 — present)
  • WILLIAM (BILL ) LESTER (1961 — present)
  • JESSE OWENS (1913–80)
  • PELE (1940 — present)
  • JACKIE ROBINSON (1919–72)
  • BILL RUSSELL (1934 — present)
  • CHARLIE SIFFORD (1922–2015)
  • TOMMIE SMITH (1944 — present)