From the iconic Golden Arches of McDonald’s restaurants to the the cacophony of sounds familiar with New York’s Times Square, to the fragrant smell of Abercrombie’s Fierce aftershave perfuming the air, the tick-tocking of the finest Swiss timepieces in the nearby retails spaces, the UK’s ubiquitous Marks & Spencer’s prawn cocktail sandwiches, Japan’s high speed bullet trains, Spanish tapas, Vietnamese Pho, the Apple in everyone’s eye and their iPhones, Italian Vespas, pastas, pizzas and pranzo. Towering skyscrapers in every direction you turn that fill the night’s skyline with a rainbow of flashing lights. Shanghai is the megalopolis of the global consumer product market. The Far East as we know it but still something on offer here to provide you with a comforting memory of home. If you want to take a journey into the wild east, and find some big trouble in little China, look no further.