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Today we are going to talk about another interesting aspect of JVM (Java Virtual Machine). This is the second post of this series, so if you still didn’t check out the part 1, make sure you read it.

The Garbage Collection and Heap is the most interesting part of the JVM (in my point of view), and I really enjoy talking about it. So here is what we will learn today.

  1. What is Garbage Collector?
  2. Who is eligible to be Garbage Collected?
  3. Garbage Collection algorithms
  4. Heap Structure and How it works

Type of Memory Corruption Errors

Hola Readers, welcome back to another post. This one is a quick note on main sorting algorithms and their implementations using Python. The aspects like time complexity, space complexity, stability, recursiveness will also be discussed with respect to each algorithm. The main 5 algorithms discussed in here is:

  1. Bubble Sort
  2. Insertion Sort
  3. Merge Sort
  4. Quick Sort

Let's dive right in without any further delay.


Sorting is the mechanism of arranging elements in ascending or descending manner, according to a certain property. To sort a list or collection, they should contain homogenous elements.

Why do we need sorting?

If not sorted, to find an…

Hola Readers! Today I brings you a small but yet fresh articles series related to the Java memory model. This is one of the topics I really love and thought of writing for a long time. Hope you will enjoy! 🤗

Anyway, let's dive in. Today we are going to learn something related to Java. Many of us, developers, started off as Java developers, some of us may have drifted to other areas, but, we all usually keep one step in Java, as it is one of the vastly used programming languages in the world. However, one thing that most…

Hola Readers! Welcome back after a lengthy break. Hope you missed my writing. 🤗

I was writing a lengthy article regarding JVM today (expect to publish it really soon). But before talking about the JVM and its internal processes, I thought I should start our discussion by talking about what is Java and why it is so important as a programming language, so that, you can understand the role of JVM in making the Java stand out from the rest of the programming languages.

This article will be a comparatively smaller one where we discuss:

Have you seen Iron Man? Or the Minority Report (2002)? Weren’t you fascinated by how Stark models the suits or How John Anderton being super cool while showing others details of the mission? I watched these back in my school days which made me think like “wow! that will be something from far future than I live on” But now, after like 2010, the advancement of science and technology have become tremendous that we can’t even predict the future of our world.

Hola guys! Welcome back after a long time. Today I’ll be drifting away from my usual topics of…

Hola Readers!

Today’s story is like this: I got a requirement where I need to read an Excel file containing a table of data using Java. After that, I have to print this on a pre-printed form, as one Data Row (Record) in one form.

I hope the scenario is clear. Here, the main challenges are:

  1. The requirement specified that “the system should be as simple as possible” i.e. …

Hola Again!

Today’s post is Part 2 of my Machine Learning 101 post series. You can refer to Part 1: Basics of Machine Learning, if you have zero knowledge of machine learning, before reading this post.

To take an introduction to today’s topic, I will recall some of the things I mentioned in my previous post, which are related to linear regression.

Using Machine Learning, we can answer 5 types of questions. So all the algorithms in Machine Learning are formed to answer one of these questions. Following are those questions and their related algorithms:

Hola again! Welcome back. 🤗

Today we are going to talk about another well-known technology in the world; Kubernetes. I am sure you have heard this many times. But do you really know what it is? If the answer is a big “no", go ahead and read this post. Today’s post will be a bit long one, but you will see yourself transform from “Zero” to “Hero” throughout it. 💪

Let me tell today’s outline first:

  1. Container Orchestrator and its role
  2. What is Kubernetes
  3. Why Kubernetes
  4. Architecture of Kubernetes
  5. Essential Components of Kubernetes
  6. Hands-on


A container is, in simple…

Hola Readers!

Today we are going to mingle with another different topic, Kafka! Since it is an industry buzz word, I am sure you have heard of it, but maybe you didn’t try it out. If that is the case, today’s post is just for you 😊

I will discuss the following topics here:

  1. Why we need Kafka
  2. Kafka Architecture
  3. Features of Kafka
  4. Hands-on

What is Kafka

Apache Kafka is a Streaming Platform which was developed by Linkedin in 2011 for managing activities of Linkedin users. …

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