The “Men” in Menstruation

Georgia O’ Keeffe

Apparently it is not ladylike of me or correct of me to mention my menstruation out loud. This is a subject I can only broach with myself, my mother or my sister, behind closed doors, whispers away from the ears of men.

It is not “proper” of me to say that my body is aching and that my breasts are swollen with pain because my body is going through its natural process. I should be ashamed if I ever let my future husband catch sight of a blood stained undergarment. I should wash these undergarments in the dead of the night, because a natural, biological process in women is apparently disgusting, too horrible, too sickening for men to dwell on.

But it is okay, it is completely okay for men to say “Oh she looks like she has a tight little snatch” or “Man , I’d tap that ass so hard”. It’s is completely okay for them to discuss how tight, how wet and how delectable my vagina might be underneath all my clothes. It is okay for men to discuss the myriad of recreational and entertainment uses provisional to my reproductive organs but it is bad bad BAD to mention that I bleed every month, and that is what I will continue to do until my belly swells with a child, and until I am old. That’s bad. How dare you have a period?!

A natural process that sprung forth through evolution makes a woman “unclean”. They are quick to accuse me of being on my period when I speak up, when I make my voice heard. And they are quicker to shut me down when I say I am. It is completely okay to sell what’s between my legs. It is okay to allude to the elusive mysteries of my womanhood. But not the nature of it. The nature of being a woman, the price at which it comes, is too ugly.

My period is not gross.

What is gross is a society that shames women for the inner workings of their body. What is gross is not allowing women access to basic personal hygiene, because shedding blood every month is “disgusting”.

If you’re going to enjoy the pleasures of a woman’s birth canal, don’t you fucking dare open your mouth and tell her to not talk about her period.

Having a period is not disgusting. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It is not gross. It is not disgusting. But your less than admirable attitude towards women and their menstrual cycles? That’s the most disgusting thing of all.

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