Day 11

After the earthquake, Chone was left with no working hospital. What is left of the abandoned building will have to be demolished. This hospital was very important since it served to Chone and many other towns located nearby. Until now, people were being treated in tents located in parking lots and military trucks.

Efforts were made and yesterday two containers arrived to this small town. Installation began in a small square where public acts are usually held. Walls had to be removed from this space in order to fit the 40 feet containers, which are going to be adapted for medical needs so that the hospital can run from here.

The containers are going to give service in different areas, such as gynecology and obstetrics, ICU (intensive care unit), pharmacy, x-ray and neonatology. The area of neonatology began providing care today in a container fitted with thermal beds and a neonatal assessment area. Firefighters helped us with the cleaning and setting up of the new medical facility, which will be shared with the military and the medical staff of what used to be Chone’s hospital. These professionals are currently providing care in tents.

Setting up the containers in Chone

Today we are expecting the arrival of three more containers in this town of 130,000 people who live mainly in rural areas. These people are now going to benefit from this newly adapted area where professionals in a joint effort with the Red Cross will continue working in containers and tents to give the medical care that this people need. Our team will work hard for the next few days installing and fitting these containers which will become part of Chone’s improvised hospital

We couldn’t have done this without the help of everybody who has donated to our cause, so please keep donating and sharing our information.

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