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Tyres come in a lot of options these days to choose from. Tyres are sorted in three weather conditions to be driven in particularly that are summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres and than they are sorted in three price ranges that are premium tyres, mid-range tyres and budget tyres. Now how do you know which one to choose from, well it is pretty obvious what their names stand for but still you need a little bit of information about them before purchasing and to be sure what you want. So here’s what these terms stand for.

Summer tyres — Summer tyres are built with rubber compounds that can stand higher temperatures than other tyres. These Car Tyres have the perfect grip and traction for hot climatic conditions. The right amount of rolling resistance and rolling noise make these tyres very comfortable and fuel efficient.

Winter Tyres –

Winter tyres are built with natural rubber compound that doesn’t stiffen up in cold climatic conditions. These tyres have tread patterns that maintain grip over slippery surfaces like ice and snow. Their water dispersive capabilities make these tyres safe on these surfaces. These tyres make enough rolling resistance to maintain grip on cold surface as well as provide maximum fuel efficiency.

All Season tyres — All season tyres are good in both summer and winter weathers. These tyres can be driven in both weathers but not in extreme conditions. These tyres have special rubber compound and tread pattern that maintain grip in both cold and hot climate. But their dual weather capabilities are limited. So you might want to check if these are the tyres for you.

Premium tyres — Premium tyres are high quality tyres. These tyres are built better and manufactured using high quality materials and high tech equipment. These tyres are the best in class. They carry a lot of technologies and safety features within them. These are considered the top quality products that deliver performance and safety at the same time. These also provide good fuel efficiency. Premium tyres come in all sizes from smart cars, sedans, SUVs, super sports cars and luxury cars. So no matter what kind of car you drive you can always choose premium tyres if you want.

Mid-range tyres — Mid-range tyres are considered in between premium and budget tyres when it comes to quality and prices. Mid-range tyres are good in quality and performance. Basically these tyres provide performance figures good enough for a lot of cars and are a preferred choice of many individuals. These tyres are best of both world price and quality. You can choose mid-range tyres for all types for cars or SUVs. They come in all sizes.

Budget tyres — Budget tyres are economical tyres that are available at very-very affordable prices. These tyres are often considered to be cheap in quality but because there’s a lot more competition in the budget brands market then in premium, budget tyre manufactures provide amazing value for money products. These tyres are easily available online. You can choose from a wide variety of budget tyres. They come in all weathers and all sizes for all types of cars.

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Originally published at savingontyres.wordpress.com on October 19, 2016.