How time Flies…

The last time I wrote to you, was exactly 4 years ago. 24th March 2011. That was the day when India had entered the semi-finals defeating Australia. And here we are today, another World cup year but India will be playing Australia in the semi-finals tomorrow. All these thoughts because I know how much you loved cricket.

18 years since you left us, Papa. 25th March 1997, maybe I was too young to realize what was happening around me. But I still miss you a lot.

A lot has changed in the last 4 years. The biggest of them all is your daughter’s wedding.

16th February 2014, the big day for all of us. Running around and getting everything right. Family coming down from Kerala. Last minute rush. Ensuring everything is perfect. It did leave me tired at the end of it all. Even today I keep telling Mom and Bindu, how easy things would have been if you were with us.

Not to forget, your son-in-law, Geo whom I am sure you would have loved, the way we do. And the most important thing of all, he does keep our Bindu very happy.

In all of this running around, I missed you lot. I missed you because I wanted someone to guide me. Someone to tell me that this is right and this is wrong. I missed your because this would have been the happiest day in your life.

But it’s your blessings and prayers that ensured that all went well for us.

Coming to your son, I am not sure what you would have thought about him quitting his job and starting something on his own? I am sure you would have had your doubts, but I am sure I would have convinced you as well. Starting a company, something that none have done in our family was always risky, but you know how I am  Mummy and Bindu were the first ones to support me and till date back me. I know your blessings is something that I count every day.

The last time I wrote I did promise that I am trying to get into a good college for my MBA. That happened. 3 years went by. And finally, last 2 months of college left. Now I can see that broad smile 

There are few days when I sit back and think how different would it be if you were here with us today. Being with mom in her retired life .Guiding me in all my decisions. Watching news channels together. Watching cricket together and sharing a drinking together (of course). But I can only wish for all this…

I always wish I had some more memories with you. I always do. Mom and Bindu share a lot of stories and I feel left out, because I don’t have many to share. But with whatever little I have, I always cherish that.

I know how much you would have loved meeting people. Sitting and talking for hours about anything under the sun. I am sure you would have loved meeting my friends and having those long conversations with them.

These people and many more have stood by me and helped grow as a person. I am sure you would have loved to meet each one of them.

Last few years saw Grandma and Lissy aunty leaving us. But today all of you are happy and smiling above us.

18 years is a long time, Dad. And yes, time does fly. Miss you.

Keep looking after me and guiding me.


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