And in that process, I realized how much time over the last 7 years I had spent on apps.
Why Not, You Never Know
Erica Berger

I would spend hours responding to every nuance inherent in ads, but which probably assured my failure. The more rope I gave my hoped-for the more she could use to hang me? I must have sounded so creepy. Only one woman replied: “I have never received such a through consideration of my ad.” She turned out to be an amateur cryptographer. I guess that could be considered a compliment. Was I vetted by my actions? We didn’t last too long. One night, it took me too long to make dinner for her and her two boys. She screamed a lot at her two boys and got mad when we were playing baseball in the house and broke her bedside lamp, or when I chased her son on his bike while we rode around in a small park. The boys turned out to be Ivy League and musical.