Things I Wrote & Stuff I Did in 2017

What a year, amiright? Here’s a selection of various work I did throughout the past (exhausting, frustrating, weird af) 12 months.

I did words a lot this year.

More than ever, writing was an important outlet (and therapy) for me. As 2018 approaches, I wanted to compile some work I’m proud of, because otherwise it gets lost in the depths of the internet.

Ok yeah, I also want to prove that I don’t just take naps.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: I want to send a sincere thank you to everyone who read anything I wrote this year, or even just pretended to. Totally fine with you just pretending, btw.

I started writing to make the world feel a little smaller, to help people relate to one another, to make people laugh, to make people think, to help me organize my thoughts — and I am so extremely lucky and grateful that people continue to give me a platform despite the fact that I still have a lot to figure out in life and honestly still don’t even know how long to cook various types of pasta.

I also want to use this time to publicly defend my stance that Almond Joys are a top 7 candy. Thank you.

General Writing

Random pieces I enjoyed writing throughout the year

Just a Comprehensive List of Spine Surgeons by State for GOP Reps

I compiled the best spine surgeons in every state. Yeah, seriously, I did. It took a lot of time.

Celebrate Women On International Women’s Day And Every Day

A video/writing collaboration I did for International Women’s Day.

Trump Is Telling “Jokes,” But Nobody’s Laughing

Interview snippets with a variety of professional comedians and writers.

There Isn’t a “War on Christmas.” There’s a Fight for Inclusivity.

I tackled the “War on Christmas” (can we please stop talking about this?)

News in Motion: How Video Is Affecting Journalism

I interviewed staff including video editors and managers from BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, CNN, MTV News and more to gain insight into a rapidly changing news industry.

I Don’t Support Trump, But I’m Attending His Inauguration

Holy shiiit I attended inauguration this year in DC. It was so bad, but I ate like 4 hot dogs.

Tobias Harris Website (NBA Forward)

I helped brand and write an NBA player’s website with Punch Digital Strategies.

Let Men Have Feelings

Fuck toxic masculinity.

Straightforward From Here: Find a Magic Genie, Save the World, Etc

A playful collaboration combining writing and illustrations.

DIY 3 Doors Down Hat

I just feel really good about doing this #noregrets

Side Note

I went to Samantha Bee’s f’ing “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner”


I got a lifetime worth of Capri Sun


I talked to The Washington Post about my love for snacks


A selection of interviews I did this year

Comedian Matt Bellassai

Author, Comedian, Host, People’s Choice Award Winner, etc.

Daily Show Correspondent, Hasan Minhaj

Hasan is one of the coolest and most sincere people I’ve ever met.

5 Organizations Going Online to Drive National Change

I took a look at how organizations are harnessing the internet to flip districts and encourage progressive political candidates to run.

Ana Kasparian (News Personality, Journalist)

Tough, but fair.

Meet Jess: Educator, Future Mom, Nasty Woman.

After the election I was feeling distraught and wanted to hear from others. I found Jess (from Minnesota) after she shared a powerful story in the Facebook group, “Pantsuit Nation.”


Laughing is important

15 Politically Inspired Drinks for a Summer of Hell

“Putin and Tonic”

Gatorade Sponsorship Video

They actually did send me a bunch of gatorade and some swag! I was featured in a bunch of outlets including HuffPost.

Sun Chips: Actually from the Sun? I Investigated.

Someone had to do it.

A Letter Supporting Betsy DeVos, Definitely 100% Not Written By Betsy DeVos

This was a really fun piece.

I’m Not Racist, I Just Only Like People Who Look & Think Like Me

My reaction to White Supremacists marching in Charlottesville, VA.

Lays Chip Flavor Contest

I got banned from the contest, oops.

Trump Hotel Pastry Cook Application

For some reason I never received an invite to interview. No idea why.

Some Cool People I Met

“Surround yourself with good people.” Here are a few people whose work, dedication, and personalities I admire

Tobias Harris (Forward, Detroit Pistons)

Hasan Minhaj (Daily Show Senior Correspondent)

Ana Kasparian (News Personality)

Paul Allen (Minnesota Sports Commentator)

Iliza Shlesinger (Comedian, TV Host)

Liz Plank (Host, News Personality)

Some Not Cool People I Met..

I Got Invited to Speak

I spoke at a handful of events — at companies, at universities, and more

280 Characters & Less

A compilation of tweets

Again, a huge thanks to everyone who is keeping up. I truly appreciate all 
the support.