Responding to WWII-related Russophobia campaign breaking loose….

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A poem written by Yunna Moritz (translation).


First public execution in Minsk; October 26, 1941. Masha Bruskina, 17, Vladimir Scherbatsevich, 16, and Kirill Trus, 41, were hanged.

The execution* was carried out by Major Antanas Liudviko Impulyavichus — In 1949, “The Butcher of Minsk” was granted a Green Card/Asylum as a freedom fighter — and his police force volunteers, 2nd Police Support Battalion, Lithuania**. “We are partisans and we have shot at German soldiers,” reads the text on their death plaque; this is a lie. They knew next to nothing about handling the gun. All they did was treating wounded Red Army soldiers and helping them escape from the death camps***.

*Reference story (Masha’s Story, a piece of investigative journalism in the Russian language).

**Major Antanas Liudviko Impulyavichus signed 46,000 execution orders including the murder of thousands of Jews in Minsk and across the Belarus. In Lithuania, according to the wartime records close to 220,000 civilians and 230,000 POWs were murdered during WWII (there were 26 Special Battalions operating in Lithuania as well as in other occupied territories).

The Massacre of Lithuania’s Jews : Lithuanian Collaboration in the Final Solution, 1941 — 1944 exposes several misconceptions concerning the role of Lithuanians, both the leaders and the ordinary people, in rounding up and murdering their Jewish neighbors during the Holocaust. It is well documented that Lithuanians, before and during the Nazi occupation, actively killed Jews on their own initiative. However, what is uncovered here is that under Nazi rule Lithuanian officials and church leaders were not merely puppets of the Germans, but showed great ability to maneuver and resist German directives in nearly every other realm, with the sole exception of executing the Final Solution. Although this scholarly exposition shines light on the extraordinary acts of a precious few Lithuanians in assisting Jews, it also exposes the far more typical acts of the many, whose indifference, hatred, or self-interest made genocide possible in Lithuania.

***The archive documents, records and evidence of mass murders, a publication released in the Russian language, The Tragedy of Lithuania. 1941–1944: “The previously unpublished materials from Russian archives fill with consternation even 60 years after the events. Death seems to be happy deliverance when contemplating the sufferings and torture that the innocent citizens of Lithuania had to endure during the years of Nazi occupation. Reading the evidence of the eye-witnesses one understands why people would ask for death in order to stop the monstrous torture and insult they were subjects to. Not only the hated Soviet and party functionaries who were “guilty” of establishing the Soviet regime in Lithuania, not only the Jews who are always “guilty” of everything for the mere reason of being Jews, but also the Polish, clergy, mentally disabled, old people, babies — all of them were totally eliminated. Lithuania was turned into a “factory of death”. The documents in this collection constitute a mere fraction of the wealth of material found in the archives of Russia, Lithuania, Germany and other countries”.

*** POWs (Mass murders; a piece of investigative journalism in the Russian language).

We are…? Hitler’s? … Equals…?
Oh, boy! He is your own dear Daddy!
Today, you’re in love with Him,
The New Breed of Culture
Seeded by GESTAPO.

Now, you have a kind of money meter
installed and running in your mind,
To claim a backlog in megabucks
and charged against a KIA Russian pilot;
Sure enough, they’ll chip in
to raise the money, your debtors,
the Russian boys, who were all,
Killed in Action.

We are Hitler’s Equals….?
Oh, boy! He is your own dear Daddy!
Today, you’re in love with Him,
The New Breed of Culture
Seeded by GESTAPO.

The host of talents from GESTAPO
Has set out to dictate us,
“How we must hate the Russian laymen in martial arts,”
and learn from them,
“How we must die in Hitler’s slaughterhouse
So that to rescue your own crowds,
For their better cowboy comforts, and
How we must die in the Greatest of the Wars
So that to rescue your own crowds,
Overwhelmed with spiteful hatred, of us.”

We are Hitler’s Equals….?
Oh, boy! He is your own dear Daddy!
Today, you’re in love with Him,
The New Breed of Culture
Seeded by GESTAPO.

The next time, when He comes around,
We’ll kindly ask you,
“What’s the best piece of advice
you would give us
To better fight and die for you,
For the benefit of Mr YOU….?”
I am a nasty woman,
And I am feeling sorry,
‘cause our good boys
Did die for this crazy trash
in the Hate-Russia Kennel!

This is a documentary film by Michael Romm, 1965, The Ordinary Faschism. A story (130 minutes) of what it is all about….regretfully forgotten these days, both the film and the contents thereof in terms of the parades in certain cities and locations in EU as well.

Full-length Russian language version of the documentary.

Oleg Savkin

Written by

History Writer, WWII

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