Kozma Prutkoff Speaks up Again

The Beacon of the Wise or What is Old is New Again

Oleg Savkin
Jun 12 · 4 min read

Where is the beginning of the end that comes at the end of the beginning?

They Always Mean Well with Unintended Circumstances or the Introduction of Consensus of Opinions in the World in the 21st Century

The Innovative Project from Kozma Prutkoff — a new amendment?

The variance of views and opinions is ostensibly harmful. The difference in opinions fuels harm of discord, “The Kingdom that divides against itself…”, etc. Desire to make no mistakes is common to every gentleman. Shaping opinion works by picking from a subject matter. Where does the subject matter come from? This subject matter can only be an opinion shaped by a higher authority.

In terms of opinion, there can be no guaranty against a logical fallacy, if otherwise. But how do we know it, “What is the opinion of a higher authority?” They will tell us, “It is through measures being taken that it comes with.” That is true…. Though not. It’s wrong! …. The Government will more often than not conceal its intentions for reasons of higher stately considerations which are beyond comprehension for the majority. The result is often achieved through a series of indirect measures which may appear inconsistent with one another, as if they were unrelated. It only seems so!

There is always a single national idea or single state plan underpinned by the bonds of secrecy and which is so vast that would bedazzle one’s mind with its greatness and enormity of the consequences! It can only be discovered through unpreventable history developments! How will a citizen come to know the government’s opinion before history unfolds? How can he discuss any actions taken by the government unless holding a key to their interdependence? “The advantage of a scooping machine is in a complete unit, but not in its parts,” said I long time ago and I do believe the comment is still valid.

How will a loyal citizen recognize the root causes, reasons, and considerations; diversity of visions on the one side and inclusion of options on the other side?! Never will he understand them unless the government has given him good guidelines. We can see it coming true every day, every hour; and I will say, “Every minute.” This is the reason “Why” some even right-minded people can sometimes be misguided by malicious interpretations. They have no facts; whose is the rightful opinion? They know not, for what is the opinion to follow up? I can’t but keep silent. (What a lovely expression it is. We ought to more frequently use it for it proves the forethought and magnanimity, as it were.)

I can’t but speak up; for too many were found guilty of a vicious intent only because they never knew about the opinion desirable in the highest places (?) Those people would find themselves in a deplorable situation; it is intolerable, I shall boldly state!

Conclusion: In view of the foregoing and taking into consideration the need to introduce a uniform point of view to the extent of all public needs and actions of the government, in our vast homeland especially so, on the one hand, and impossibility of achieving said goal unless having the citizens provided with reliable and opinion shaping guidelines, on the other hand, the most expedient means to that effect would be deemed an institution of an official periodical publication that would generate the guidelines and mainstream views on all matters.

Upon soliciting sufficient support from the police and administrative authorities, this government agency would become a guiding star, beacon of wise and landmark for forming the opinion of public at large. The pernicious inclination of a human mind to discuss everything happening in the earthly world would thus be harnessed and guided towards the objectives and visions as specified. A domineering opinion would thus be established on all events and questions. It would even enable us to resist the spreading propensity for launching discussions over matters of social and state life; for where they will lead us to? A genuine patriot shall always be inimical to asking all such and the so called “questions”!

Once the guideline-issuing government agency has been established, even the evil-minded people should they dare at times to disagree with the “mainstream” opinion as stated; they would naturally keep away from contradicting the guidelines lest they are subjected to punishment and/or suspicion. One would even guarantee that every individual wishing peace one’s own children and relatives would indoctrinate them in order to respect the “mainstream” opinion and thus beneficial results from suggested initiative will have a positive impact not only on the contemporaries but on the most distant posterity as well.

Knowing the heart and core properties of a human character, I may with good reason warrant that my conclusions are fair, checked and balanced. The key element to success would be in selecting an editor for such a government agency. The editor must be a person worthy thereof in every respect and recognized for zeal and loyalty and be a famous man of letters who regardless of his civil service position will be committed to deliver for the benefit of the government and will disregard the public opinions and forsake his reputation therewith because he is strongly convinced that those are completely worthless. Without question, such a man would deserve an adequate compensation, promotion, and awards. I dare not suggesting that said position be offered to me because I am a modest man. Nevertheless, I am prepared for this ultimate sacrifice to unselfishly serve the nation provided it is aligned with the designs of higher authority.

1859–2019 (annus i)

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