I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time..

Something about writing is incredibly seductive. Watching the words crawl onto the screen as your fingers go about 40 words per minute. And the best part is that they now look pretty, unlike the scrawly barely used handwriting I used to have in the journals I used to start. Now that I am post-30, I can see that I have much more to say, and through this _Medium_, I hope I’ll get into the habit of writing them down more regularly.

At some point, I got told I wasn’t a very good writer. It was very much the result of an intense education system that made me value Maths and Science far more than something as “fluffy” as Writing. Then, I slowly discovered that there is nothing more scary that putting your thoughts into writing, much less on the internet, which has a way of making those words permanent. Very permanent. Got to mean what you say. Or at least appear to, ‘lest someone tries to hold you accountable. Terrifying for someone who doesn’t like being wrong.

Much of my work requires me to write, but in a rather soulless and rigid manner. I have been accused to making my sentences sound lyrical, to squeeze in alliteration, where words need to be succinct and precise. That slowly makes your brain, and maybe even your soul, ache. Makes you wonder what else is there to even say, if you can’t say it the way you want.

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