For me, this is a disappointing article.
Bill Seddon

I wholeheartedly agree that previous approaches should be credited, and I applaud you for this! A great challenge in writing this article was to keep it concise however, so I decided to just credit one existing tool that seems to come close.

Mainly what I think is original though in my work is inspired by Bret Viktor’s thinking, the link at the end of the blog post — I warmly recommend getting familiar with his work if you aren’t already. I don’t see evidence in your comment that you have understood what is unique about the approach I suggest. This is not another editor, this is not another diagram format — these are the two my proposition get confused most with. This is a new, visual syntax for regex editing. It helps overcome difficulties with regex context sensitivity of commands, and inconsistencies in escaping rules.

I will link to your comment here directly so people can find existing resources at this point.