I don’t own a car or a motorcycle. I don’t own an apartment either.

I own only a few things (e.g., my camera).

But what I know is that if something happens to one of the things I own, it would be a huge bummer. I guess it’s the same for every person with any property.

When the Chinese and the Babylonians started practicing their methods for transferring or distributing risk for their goods, during the 3rd and 2nd millennia BC, respectively, they couldn’t possibly imagine that there would be a whole industry about it.

Yet, here we are (me…

If you’re into Messenger Marketing then you probably already know that some things changed starting from July 31st, with even more changes finally taking place on August 15th.

Since we’ve put out our Messenger Bot Giveaways, and the Milestone Referral for Messenger templates, it’s evident that these changes would impact some of our users as well.

This article is an attempt to list the changes in Facebook Messenger, and how you can overcome everything that looks like an obstacle for you.

As expected, I will also emphasize on the workarounds for the changes that have a direct impact on our…

In some of our previous articles, we analyzed the importance of building a referral program for your business, plus how companies like The Hustle & Harry’s did it — in a very successful way.

Since we made it for you easier than ever to build your referral program with Viral Loops, I thought of preparing this article in order to help you consider the most interesting aspect of your referral campaign.

The rewards.

By now we’ve seen a plethora of referral programs; that’s enough for us to know that apart from copywriting and well-planned following up with referrers, the rewards…

We’re all about referral marketing.

If you’re familiar with what we do in Viral Loops, then you know it.

The last couple of months we did a few interviews with some of the best in their respected field- we had the guys from Fetch & Funnel, Arri Bagah, Alexandr Fedotov, Hunter McKinley, and Natasha Takahashi, but none of them was an as strong advocate of referral marketing as Rodrigo Noll.

During our chat, he revealed the framework he uses (which is actually very simplistic) to build his referral campaigns, and how he managed to leverage referral marketing for Brazil’s top…

As you probably understand from the title of this article, this is about Facebook ads (duh!).

Another installment in our interview series, and after Arri Bagah, Hunter McKinley, Natasha Takahashi, and Fetch & Funnel (all of them shared their Messenger Marketing secrets), this time our guest spoke to us about a different subject.

You see, Alexandr Fedotov, is a laser-focused Facebook advertiser that spends and makes millions on Facebook via ads, and he was kind enough to share some of his strategies with us.


Who’s Alexandr Fedotov and what does he do lately?

Originally I’m from Ukraine, and I graduated with an economics degree without having any idea…

As marketers we’re creative. We want to experiment and try out all the great ideas coming to our minds. Especially, when these ideas seem innovative.

Depending on our experience, we may be familiar with quite a few channels: paid advertising, content marketing, outbound, referrals and virality.

But our goal is not to do what we like or feel comfortable with. Our goal is to drive sustainable growth for our startup as fast as possible.

If you want to nail a channel and acquire high quality customers massively, you need to focus. …

Every day I learn a ton of things. I read. I take advice from great people. I experiment. I fail. I succeed. And here we go again.

This circular process happens multiple times within a single day. Mainly because I’m running Viral Loops, a venture backed SaaS startup.

The story behind

A few days ago, I was talking with my investors over the phone explaining them a lesson we learned that hard way the last month. They got back to me prompting me to note it down. Not just to share it with other startups, but also not to forget it.

And this…

Source: Unsplash

There are lots of people reaching out to me lately, asking how to get their first marketing job. Most of them are either young graduates or people who want to change their career path.

They often have different backgrounds, objectives, and culture. And during this new journey, they face different challenges.

But, there are some things that can get you closer to achieve this.

Find the best resources on growth and start reading like crazy

Just Google and you’ll find everything you need.

In one of my latest guest posts for Growth Marketing Conference, I have listed some interesting resources. …

We hope you're having a good time on your holidays! 🎉
Even if you didn't get any days off, make sure to have fun on New Year's eve!

As the year ends, we thought it would be great to give you something that can help you build a more successful business in 2017.

So, we're more than happy to give you 4 gifts for the new year. 🤗

gift #1 let's have a chat about your business challenges

I'm a growth marketer in heart and co-founded GrowthRocks, one of the first growth hacking agencies. Over the last 5 years, I've helped early stage companies to scale and get acquired. …

Hey everyone!

In case you didn’t notice, we’ve launched Viral Loops for Startups on Product Hunt. 🙌

We designed and built it specifically for startups and small companies who want to acquire more customers organically.

Now you can run a prelaunch campaign like Robinhood did or a referral program inspired by Dropbox with just a few clicks.

We’re doing awesome and already got 600 upvotes, 54 comments, 15K pageviews and looooots of sign ups! 🎉

In the next few days we’ll share some actionable tips on how we did it, so you can try this marketing tactic for your own company and have more chances to succeed!

If you haven’t done already, make sure to check us out at: 👉https://www.producthunt.com/posts/viral-loops-for-startups

Let us know what you think!



Co-founder & CEO at Viral Loops

Savvas Zortikis

Entrepreneurship, life lessons, startup growth. Co-founder & CEO @ViralLoopsHQ.

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