Watch our Product Manager Mikaela walk through how to register a delivery on the Savvie app.

Bakeries and cafes use Savvie to confirm deliveries and ensure they have actually received all supplies they have ordered upon delivery.

Savvie brings the power of digital data-insights to the food retail industry.

Use Savvie to reduces costs, time, and food waste for your food retail business.

Savvie helps food retail businesses with:

- Tracking sell-outs ⏰
- Accurate sales forecasts 📈
- Minimizing food waste 🍌
- Managing deliveries 🚚
- Knowing what to order 📝

…all in just one place! Get started with Savvie today.



A lil’ sneak peak…

We talk a lot about what Savvie does and how it helps your business to boost profitability, reduce food waste, and save time

But we haven’t really shown you exactly how that works.

Here’s our first attempt at showing you just how Savvie works, with our brand-new product demo. Just like your pastries, it was hand-made, with love.

>> Watch the Savvie product demo now: What is Savvie?