Recap of The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10

“I want to show you the next world.”

Credit: Gene Page/AMC

This episode is centralized around the safety and security the group has found after defeating the daunting walker horde that had invaded their home. Now, after taking it back by force, they are operating under happier circumstances. They can take the time to think about the little things, like spearmint and baking soda toothpaste. But as always, we find that not everything can go as desired. A shifty character makes his way out of the woodworks and leaves us questioning his motives.

Once again, with everything settled down, people have time to themselves. Spencer, for instance, goes out after his guard duty into the forest wielding a mysterious shovel. After Michonne reaches out to him, we notice that he’s taking this time to himself to find closure for both him and his family.

On the other hand, you have Carl and Enid, who just go out into the woods and read books while eating candies or snacks. When Enid asks him why they do this Carl says it’s because “we’re kids; that’s what we’re supposed to do.” Enid finds herself questioning her role in the community after Maggie approaches her and asks her where she goes during the day. Enid obviously goes with Carl to hang around, but Enid just replies with “nowhere.” I believe that through this conversation with Maggie, Enid realizes she could be helping the community pro-actively rather than pretending to be the kid that she feels she can no longer be. After hanging out with Carl she decides to tell him that she doesn’t want to come out to the woods anymore. Carl simply replies with “K,” and walks off.

This emotional distance doesn’t mean Carl doesn’t know the right thing to do though. As he gets up and walks off, the pair encounter a walker, who later turns out to be a zombified Deanna. Instead of putting her down or leaving her there, he leads her to Spencer so that she can be put down by someone who loved her. It was a sweet gesture in the walker world. However, Enid doesn’t get what Carl is doing, as he doesn’t really explain anything. She gets irate — seeing as logically Carl should just take care of it — and Carl tells her to go home. She reluctantly complies.

So, going back to Spencer and Michonne, he sees his mother in the woods. With simultaneous grief and relief, he goes to put her down. Michonne aided the take down so that it wouldn’t be messy or too strained. The two bond a little bit over the loss of a great woman and a great mother. They prepare a proper burial, and then go back to Alexandria.

Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Meanwhile, Rick and Daryl are off on the road on a supply run. It’s all fun and games — they even find a supply truck — until Paul “Jesus” Rovia comes along.

This guy… he’s just so eerie. I just don’t think in the long run this will be good for Alexandria, starting with the fact that the supply truck was a fought over commodity that later ended up at the bottom of a lake. Not cool Paul. Also, did Rick not think that maybe the reason Paul doesn’t seem so wild and his beard is trimmed is because he already belongs to a group? I think it would be very wrong to just assume that the guy is living by himself. Yet that is exactly the assumption Rick makes. So after a long and hard battle, Paul is rendered unconscious by the supply truck and Rick and Daryl decide it would be a great idea to take him back to Alexandria. They place him in the room the wolf man used to be in, tied him up, and left him a note and some water.

Credit: Gene Page/AMC

So, the consequences of their actions immediately take fruit, as Rick and Michonne (who are a thing now) are laying in bed quite vulnerable, when they are rudely awakened by Paul. “Hey Rick.” What the heck Paul? The pair immediately get up, armed and ready to shoot. I guess they’re not so vulnerable after all. As for Paul, all he has to say is “we got a lot to talk about.” And just like that, the episode ends.

Overall, I understand that the pace was going to start off a little slow, since the great huge threat no longer exists and they have to build up to the next danger. However, some of the decisions made in this episode just had me scratching my head. If you meet a person and he a) repeatedly steals all your supplies and b) proceeds to sink said supplies, then why would you think it’s a good idea to take him back to Alexandria? I mean honestly those offenses aren’t that egregious, but on top of that, the guy just seems like bad news. Also, like I said previously, his fighting skills are too good to not be part of a bigger group. Let’s not forget the fact that he escapes too easily out of everything, that’s a big flashing red light. But I guess the plot needs to progress, so I’ll accept it…for now.

Until next week, that’s my recap.