Recap of The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 14

“Who brought this on who?”

Credit: Gene Page/AMC

After last week’s events, we are brought back to Alexandria. It seems like normal operating procedures, as the guards take up their positions on the wall or at the door. People are milling around. Some are preparing for the inclement threat from the Saviors.

The days seem to blur together as the menial tasks carry on. We finally find out that the metal contraption Morgan was shown welding a few episodes back turned out to be a jail. Why? As he says, “It will give us options.” It would be a cool option if they could trust the Saviors or afford to house them without the sheer number of liabilities that would arise as a result. I wonder how this jail will turned out to be utilized.

Carol is shown relaxing or reflecting on a porch bench at Tobin’s house. She seems to be conflicted as she goes to Daryl and talks with him about the people who stole his bike. Daryl goes on to say that he should have killed them. He asks what happened to her when she was held hostage and she flatly replies, “They didn’t do anything.” Her inner conflict is becoming more apparent as she’s relating justification to the tough decisions and gritty actions she took in last week’s episode.

In this week’s episode the main plot surrounded a supply run to Edison’s apothecary by Denise, Daryl, and Rosita. Denise brings up the location to Daryl and Rosita, who then reluctantly take her along to find some more medicine for Alexandria.

The parallel storyline during this episode follows Abraham and Eugene, as they look for a suitable location to manufacture bullets. Honestly, Eugene is one of my favorite characters just based on the colloquialisms he utilizes in everyday conversations. “I’ve changed, adapted. I’ve become a survivor.” He talks of a stage 2 version of himself that he’s working on becoming. After finding the ideal location to set up the manufacturing plant, Eugene tries to kill a walker solo-style. However, the walker has a metal casing around its head, preventing him from stabbing directly into the head. Abraham eventually interferes and puts down the walker before it bites into Eugene. However, Eugene sees this as Abraham not taking him seriously and not letting him take care of himself. So, Eugene says some smarty things to Abraham, which only serves to piss Abraham off. As a result, Abraham storms off and tells Eugene to find his own way back to Alexandria.

Back at the apothecary, Denise and company have arrived. The location is less than ideal, as there are unsettling bloody handprints all over the outside of the building. Regardless, the team dive into the store and find a multitude of medical supplies and medicines. While Rosita and Daryl work on getting all of the supplies into bags, Denise walks off to inspect a room that more than obviously contains a walker. Once inside the room she finds the walker, who is immobile, wearing a cast. On the wall are the words “hush, hush, hush” written several times over. Denise is visibly bothered, but the thing that hit her last nerve was a baby’s shoe turned over, floating in a sink of what seemed to be the decomposing remains of something/someone. Stifling a cry, she staggers out of the room and knocks into a display, knocking down some glassware. Later, we see Denise with a name tag that reads Dennis. Not much later it is revealed that Denise had a twin brother named Dennis. No surprise there, really.

I’ve noticed a general trend of smaller characters getting too chatty about their previous lives and then soon thereafter dying. For example, Axel, one of the original prison residents in Season 3. Just as he started talking about his past life, he got shot in the head. It’s unfortunate how they use these characters as buffer material and then throw them out for shock value, but hey, that’s TV. This time around, Denise falls victim to the smaller character ploy as she talks about how her brother was brave but quick to anger, and then goes on a orange crush fueled rant about how she came on the supply run to become braver and face her fears because “if you wanna live you’ve gotta take chances, that’s how it works.” But before she can finish her sentence, an arrow flies through her head. Much to the horror of the audience and as sick plot twist, the weapon of choice is revealed to be Daryl’s stolen crossbow.

The man behind the bow, D or Dwight, emerges from the woods with a band of men, and in tow, Eugene. Of course. So he demands that Daryl and Rosita let them into Alexandria or else they’re all going to die. Yeah right. Some more banter ensues. I assume that D is with the Saviors, based on the events in the episode “Always Accountable.” The last time we saw D he took off with Daryl’s crossbow and motorcycle. This time, half of his face is burnt, I can only guess that this was done by the Saviors as punishment for attempting to leave.

So, back to the current episode, Eugene glances over to the side of the road and glimpses an incognito Abraham assessing the situation. So, as a last-minute ditch effort, Eugene calls out Abraham’s location and demands that they kill “that first class A-hole” first. This effectively distracted everyone and this is when Eugene decides to take action. Stuck in a kneeling position, Eugene does the best possible thing to disarm someone and uses his teeth to latch on to Dwight’s family jewels. A firefight ensues. Eugene gets grazed by a bullet. Unfortunately, Dwight and his men are able to get away. On the bright side, Daryl is able to recover his crossbow.

“Welcome to stage 2.”
“No need to welcome me, I’ve been here a while.”

The gang is welcomed back to Alexandria, minus Denise, who is buried with the Dennis name tag she took from the apothecary. A sudden shift in direction occurs when Carol leaves behind a note and takes off. Some of how it reads goes as follows:

“I wish it didn’t have to end, not this way. It was never my intention to hurt you, but it’s how it has to be. what we have other people want too, and that will always be the case. I love you all here, I do, but I’d have to kill for you, and I can’t, I won’t.”
“I can’t love anyone because I can’t kill anyone. Don’t come after me please.”

In the last few seconds of the episode all we’re left with is Carol’s porch bench swinging in the wind and the ash tray, like punctuation at the end of a sentence.

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