Recap of The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3

SPOILERS AHEAD! Terrible, terrible spoilers.

What a brutal episode. This season seems to get more intense with each installment. I’ve laughed and I’ve cried, but this season, and it’s only been 3 episodes so far, I’ve had to go through emotions faster than I have in the past 5 seasons entirety.

Season 6 started off so peaceful. The black and white to color scene transitions pulled me in and while the urgency behind the actions were visible, I felt that for a moment everything would be ok. The zombies would meander off 20 miles in the direction where they were supposed to and the Alexandrians could live in some semblance of natural life. However, as we all know, The Walking Dead is just not that show.

Fast forward to the 3rd episode, entitled “Thank You.” This episode successfully builds off of the anxiety and suspense the past 2 episodes have delivered. We are back with Rick, Glenn, Michonne, Daryl, Sasha, and all the unfortunate Alexandrians. The horn blaring from Alexandria is still present and sort of sets up the parallel timeline so we see that the Wolves attack on Alexandria is occurring concurrently with the oncoming army of walkers.

Rick, once again, has to become the leader and take charge. His methods are cold but necessary. Leave those behind who can’t make it. He instructs Glenn and Michonne to do everything necessary to make it back to Alexandria. He leaves them with this instruction and then takes off to go make sure the rest of the zombie group is heading towards the end goal where he will meet Sasha and Daryl.

Daryl, however, decides to do go off and play hero for Alexandria, leaving Sasha and Abraham to deal with the front half of the walker horde on their own. He speeds off on his bike, planning on getting back to Alexandria. Something stops him though. He calls for Rick on the walkie (at the same time Rick is being attacked) and gets no response. So realizing the importance of his mission, he speeds back to Sasha’s point to corral the remaining walkers 20 miles away from Alexandria.

Back with Glenn and Michonne, they speed back to Alexandria. At least, they try to speed, but after a surprise attack from some walkers in the woods, the Alexandrians are left mostly dead and the remaining are injured, with the exception of Heath and Nicholas. That darn Nicholas. So of course, maintaining a shred of morality, Glenn and Michonne decide not to leave behind the injured and head back to Alexandria a bit slower than desired.

Because they have injured members, they are inclined to stop at a nearby town in order to tend to the injured and try and find a working vehicle. It turns out the town is in fact the same one Nicholas went to on a supply run that ended badly. In this town, Nicholas had left behind some of his own people to die as he escaped out of fear. Just being in the town was visibly putting Nicholas on edge. And of course, since nothing can go right so far this season, walkers come upon the group and they are forced to hole themselves up in an abandoned pet store.

Glenn plays impromptu genius once more and offers to go out and burn some buildings to provide a distraction. Nicholas, knowing the town, suggests that they burn down the feed store. The two take off, but not before someone’s death is foreshadowed. Michonne’s talk with Glenn before he goes off to light up a feed store, and of course, mentions of Maggie. Additionally, Glenn’s last communication with Rick on the walkie-talkie was Glenn calling Rick a dumbass. This is the same way Glenn was introduced into the show 5 seasons ago.

So off Glenn and Nicholas go, into the walker infested town filled with ghosts of Nicholas’s past. Such a great idea. Nicholas leads them both in the wrong direction and they are quickly surrounded by walkers. But it's ok right? There’s a fence and a dumpster to stand on and Glenn can somehow work his way out of this one too. The pair are backed up to the fence and try to climb over when they see there are only more walkers on the other side. So they both get on top of the dumpster. This is where things go downhill, fast.

Nicholas loses it. He loses it and I don’t blame him. He and Glenn are on top of the dumpster, surrounded by hundreds of walkers and all you can see are arms desperately trying to grab them both. Nicholas turns to Glenn, who is desperately trying to get him to come back to reality. Nicholas whispers “Thank you,” and then shoots himself in the head. Which would have been tragic in and of itself, but THEN, Nicholas’s lifeless body, as it's falling, takes Glenn out with him. And the pair fall into the depths of the walker horde.

Glenn. Glenn who’s done nothing but help people and give second chances and who ironically let Nicholas live only to have Nicholas kill him through his death. Glenn is shown to be horrifically eaten alive as the walkers tear him apart, pulling out his entrails, and spraying blood everywhere. The camera angle only serves to make it worse as we get to see Glenn’s horrified look in his eyes as he realizes he’s not making it back. As he realizes he’s leaving Maggie. As we realize he died for no good reason.

And just like that, there’s still 15 minutes remaining in the episode.

Rick finds the motor home back at the make-shift wall he had the Alexandrians build. He gets inside and once there tries to organize things through walkie-talkie communication. To his distress, Glenn and Tobin do not answer. He is then attacked by Wolves (the same ones Morgan let get away). Rick kills them in a terror filled moment, and we’re left wondering if the show is about to take Rick from us as well. After looking through the Wolves he realizes they have been to Alexandria when he finds some baby food inside one of their pockets.

And then just as suddenly as the episode started, it ends, as Rick is left panicking in an RV that won’t start, surrounded by walkers that are emerging from all sides.

The real question here: is Glenn really dead? Talking Dead, the after the show talk show, did not list him in its infamous “in memoriam” list, and other sources are not counting him as deceased just yet. In this case, only time will tell. So until then I will be here, waiting for episode 4.

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