Superficial Categories Of Society

I used to think that MY life was so rough. That no one had it as bad as me, that no one had been through what I had been through. Its funny how humans compare themselves so often to one another instead of just being happy with who they are. We live in this constant place were society dictates who you are, and how you should act. Changing who we are so people will love us has become a daily habit. We do it without even knowing we are. Its as if we are blind to it, that we only see what we wanna see.

‘Societal norms’ if you haven’t already noticed there are millions of categories that have been created. These are the catergories society has told you, you are supposed to fit in. That to be different is to not comply with societal norms. Which automatically makes you unusual, or weird. Its impossible to fit 6 billion people into categories. We are all so different with different habits, different brains, different dislikes, and likes. Its true to say I’m tired of society’s so called ‘norms’

Dress how you feel, love who you love, talk how you talk, learn how you learn, be who you want to be. Don’t apologize for being YOU.

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