To Dance…

A dance can introduce you to yourself,
as it beckons you to know your limitless potential. Savvy Raj

Conversations in Oneness

To dance is to converse with your soul in oneness.
To dance is to acknowledge the living you in this moment
To dance is to move with your soul’s longings in this present now.
To dance is to feel the rhythm of your own beating heart.
To dance is dare to reach beyond the spaces visible.
To dance is to sense the magic as you touch the intangible …
To dance is to sense the preciousness of time.
As it glides with your movements sublime
In every move, the heart and mind is looped in joyousness
In every flight is the beauty of lightness …
To dance is to be connected to your being
In the contentment of life and living!
I love to dance…

In every moment of my life….I relate to the fluidity of movements we make, to the rhythm of the words we write, to the harmony in the words we speak, to the synchrony of the breaths we take, to the connectedness in the flow of thoughts we have , to the strength in the similarity of one being to the other, to the heightened awareness of feelings and emotions to the consciousness of every deed and actions, to the mind and body connection we touch upon with a simple dance.

Dancing regularly has the power of release … from inhibitors like fear , seclusion, loneliness depressive states , mood swings, lack of confidence , social reservations and lack of communication. An hour of dancing regularly can bring a spring in the step and smile on ones lips.That said there are some parameters to take note of for enhanced benefits from dancing which need to be mentioned.

The dance and you :

Every individual is unique and it would be good to start learning gradually with an appropriate dance form suited to their inate nature and choice .
For example there is no reason to push a beginner beyond their boundaries at they are introduced to certain dance movement without consent and choice. As the benefits of dancing can be seen when they love what they learn and dance what they love.
Take it easy and enjoy the journey!

Dance is not a war with oneself or another it is about being in harmony and at peace with the self so as to enjoy the dance.
The trainer the teacher you learn from always plays a much bigger role in making you love or hate what you learn.It is a huge responsibility as a teacher than to send out positive reflection appreciation and encouraging signals to communicate the power of dance and movement.

Although there are many wonderful teachers out there, try to work with someone chosen according to the goal plans you set for yourself as you begin to learn. That said …dedication discipline, attendance punctuality, appearance personal hygiene and faith and trust in your efforts are going to play a major role in the efforts from both sides.

As we celebrated the International Dance Day … I dedicate this post to the celebration of ‘Dance in and around us to the Dance and the Dancer in us all.’
Savvy Raj

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