How to get an internship?

Today I want to share my story and how I got my first internship!

A few days ago I was talking to a young gentleman that wants to be a data scientist and because I’m already information broker he asked me for a few tips how to get an internship and how to grow in the field.

I have a few main tips when it comes to jobs and internships.

My first tip is do your research! I did a research and my main goal was to get to know the CEO of the company, the different teams, to understand how the company operates and what is the main goal. When I found out this information for me was easier to understand what the company will need from me and how I can be valuable.

My second tip is be confident. In my experience most people are more than capable to do the job but their lack of confidence is the main problem. When you don’t have confidence this effects your performance.

You are probably thinking, okay but how to gain confidence?

Well my advice here is simple.. think about the reason - why do you want this internship? Probably you enjoy the work and this is the field for you?

Now think of all of the things that you’ve done that are connected with the field and the job. Every book, article, conversation, experience that you’ve had! Think about the qualities that you need to have and that you’ve already have.

Well combine all of these things together and now you are a strong candidate for the position that you desire.

The key is to analyze and be confident in YOU and your work.