A Crime of passion

Daughter on the phone with her mother.

“Hi, mom.” Girl says moving about the kitchen, looking for food to eat. She’s high and distracted. But feels a fierce need to connect with her mom right now at this moment. The food cravings are an annoying side affect from the drug.

Mom: “Hey baby what are you up too?!” The mom sounds distracted. She has had five kids. Four who are still alive. But she still lives as if she has five. She sees her dead son everywhere. He was 16 years old when he took his own life. He had got a girl pregnant. She was a pretty girl, college bound, as she was a few years older than him, but still young at 18 herself, and strongly under her mother's thumb as young girls who have complex relationships with their mothers often are. The mother had better plans for her daughter, and they didn’t include having a baby by a 16 year old boy she didn’t approve of already. It was probably for the best that a week later the baby was had to be aborted because it was not growing with a brain. But it didn’t hurt any less.

The youngest of her four boys who was 15 kept her pretty preoccupied now.

Girl: “Nothing. I’m just enjoying living here mom.” “It’s been great.” “Seriously, I think this is one of the better decision I’ve made this year.”

The girl has decided on brie cheese and bread, and is now spearing it on the bread as she talks.

Mom: “That’s good baby, i’m so proud of you.” “So when are you going to china?”

Girl: “Mom, I told you.” the girl wines. “Maybe i’ll go after 6 months. But I came because I wanted to be with Jonis.” “That was my whole purpose for going to live abroad. But it’s been so nice. I remember dreaming as a little girl in my room, reading so many books, imagining living a life in Europe.” Sometimes the girl says Bucharest, sometimes she says Europe. It usually depends on how she is trying to appear, but for her mother, she says Europe because her mother isn’t familiar with the geography of Europe.

Mom: “Well i want you to go to china. i want to walk through a bamboo forest.” the mom says with a dreamy look in her eye.

Girl: “I will, I will Mom. Its just a matter of time. But hey guess what?”

Mom: “what?”

Girl: “I met this great new guy! He’s a filmmaker and a graphic designer and owns his own clothing line!” The girl always tries to impress her mother with her prospect “husbands”, the guys never knew they were prospect husbands, and she would never had admit it, but if they were worthy enough, it was always a part of the plan. Coming from an impoverished background, one of the best ways she understood that she could secure a life that would ensure she never lived in such poverty again, was marrying a man from a higher class. But it never seemed to impress her mother.

Mom: “Girl! You better not play them games!” he mom scolded. Her daughter had her full attention now. “How would you feel if Jonis was messing around on you! Plus you don’t do those type of things to people!”

Girl: “Mom.” the girl sighed again, realizing her mom was not the best option to discuss these behaviors with. “Oh, I love Jonis, I’m just having a little fun. I know once me and Bence are stable and we’re in a better place, I won’t care about stepping out as much. I just love meeting different types of guys and trying new people. And I like free dinner and drinks too.” The girl laughs

Mom: Still scolding. “Well you better stop. You know you should not play those games with people.”

Girl: “ok, ok, I know mom.” phone vibrates. sees text from the other guy. “But mom, I have to go, I want to call Bence and make sure everything is ok between us. You’re right. I need to stop.”

Mom: voice softens “ok baby, I love.”

Girl: “Love you to mom. bye”

Mom: “Bye…..”

*Phone clicks*

Girl: Looks at her phone and smiles seeing the name of her crush (the other guy).

TOG(the other guy) text: Do you want to go smoke a joint in the park today?

Girl text: How could i refuse? *smiley face with the tongue sticking out*

Boyfriend: walks into the apartment. “Hey babe! I’m home! Where are you?”

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