The night is where I think where I pray and where I anxiously try to sleep. It’s a time where I can Ignore the world, my reality, tomorrow, and my life. Because I just need to breathe and listen to the whispers of the night. The thoughts, the fears, the pain, the anxiety it’s not important in this moment. It’s important at 7:30 am. And it’s 10:02 pm, I don’t need to worry I just need to breathe and reevaluate tomorrow. I will listen to the sound of my heart beating, and maybe even let my tears come. They are hot down my face, I’m still mourning a loss that has and will devastate the rest of my life. Yet it doesn’t have control over my life, because I give myself space to feel, I talk about my hero, and I hope others know that there are people out there that will touch your life because as Glen Hansard says “ this gift will last forever”. Hot tears, warm breath, clenched heart, tired eyes, hopeful yet uncertain that everything will be alright.

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