Therapist: There’s more to you then just your depression. Your funny, stubborn, outgoing, novelty seeking, caring, and friendly. You are not your depression.

Me: But that’s all I feel inside.

Therapist: But that’s not what I see.

Me: I guess since all I feel is depression or most of me feels it I just label myself as depressed and label that as an excuse of why people wouldn’t want to be my friend. Or why they shouldn’t hang out with me because they don’t need to see the real me.

Therapist: hey you are always the real you, what you feel inside us apart of you but how you act and connect isn’t fake and I know that because of how much you care and talk about each friend you have and why they matter and what amazing individuals they are. Your real to them, your real with me, and now you need to be real with yourself. Look at you, look at all of you not just the part you label.

Me: huh I need to think about that.

This really worked its way into my heart on many positive notes and now it’s something I need to see. I am not my depression, I am the authentic me, I am more then sadness.

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